Anyone applying to Duke and/or ECU ABSN program and have less than a 3.0 GPA? I asked an admission advisor about my situation and she said since I had a high GRE score this could out weight my low GPA. Has anyone been accepted to these programs or any ABSN program and had a low GPA? Any advice or personal experience would help!!

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you won't get better advice than what you already have. Schools have their own points system, and some state agencies set guidelines. Sometimes your gender and age make a difference, or your life experiences (medic from Army might get extra points). Waiting is SO hard. I wish you the best.

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Hey, not a student at Duke or ECU, but how are your grades in the prereqs, especially the sciences? Have your grades improved a lot in the past few semesters? These may be factors that weight heavily on the school's admission decision as well. If you've shown that the low grades were something that happened in your younger days, and now you've matured then you've got a good shot. Something to think about....


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I got accepted to a very competitive program with three F's on my transcript. However, I re-took those classes and got A's. I think they like to see you improve, that you're not an idiot, maybe you were just going through a rough patch. Good luck!


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I was also accepted into a competitive program (seems like they all are nowadays with 100's of applicants, most of them qualified). I did not have a great GPA (sub 3.0 in undergraduate Science, struggled in Physics, Chem), but my lower grades (C's) were in my first 2 semesters of school and I showed big increases in grades after that. If you learned to apply yourself and take school seriously and if it is reflected in your transcript, I would think you have at least an average chance. If you struggled recently maybe you will have a harder time, but I am no expert.


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Thanks everyone for your advice and personal experience. All of my prereqs are As and Bs its just my general ed classses are low. Anyways Im still going to apply and hope for the best. Once again thanks everyone for your responses!!!:yeah:

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