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LOW GPA need help getting into Nursing program (junior year)

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I am currently a junior at NYIT, I was having a lot of trouble my first two years at NYIT due to my housing situation. I had to focus on working and providing for my family which took away from my studies. I am currently holding a 2.33 GPA and still working on increasing that this semester. I was not accepted into the nursing program at my school because I recurved 3 c- in two science courses and one math course. Can anyone give me any advice as to what I should do next. I really want to become a nurse it’s a passion of mine and I’m just so confused at this stage. I feel like time is running out because I have one more year left and I will be stuck with a health and wellness degree.

You'll need to find out what GPA is required by your nursing school. Some programs will count all of your grades from your entire academic career. Others will take only those scores over the last five years. However, it might be possible for you to retake the courses you received C's in. I'm not sure if the new grade will replace the C or if it will be averaged-- that also depends on the school. I'd consider speaking with with a nursing advisor or your current advisor. They'll be able to provide you with more info. I wish I could be more help.

Thank you! I’ve spoke to the advisor for Nursing at my school and she basically told me to give up and it’s like I know I can do it and it’s something that I want, a dream so I’m definitely not going to just give up. I have to speak to other advisors from different schools because my school just isn’t cutting it anymore.

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You need to also consider whether the degree you're currently in is worth finishing. Because if you use financial aid- you are in danger of maxing that out. Maybe it would be better to cut your losses, investigate other schools and re-take those sciences for higher grades with no other distractions. Just a thought.

Thank you so much! I think going to a community college and getting my associates in Nursing would be better or just do one year undergrad there To retake those classes again, and then apply to a nursing program to get my BSN. What do you think?


I'm not sure if your intention might be to just get your health and wellness degree and try for an ABSN or not. I'm just going to lay it out for you...not trying to be mean, but you deserve an honest answer. The nursing advisor probably knows what she's talking about. Your GPA will not get you into a legit school. I'm also positive it won't even get you into an ABSN or entry-level master's nursing program as they all require at the bare minimum, a 3.00. Even then, 3.00 is a bare minimum and one needs a lot higher since these types of programs are competitive.

If the C- grades are from the main prereqs required, then that will pretty much kill your chance there.

I really hope you can raise that GPA, but it's a long road ahead for you.

ADN degrees sometimes go by a point system, but you still need to get A's in the prereqs

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