Low GPA... Discouraged. Help!!! (ABSN)


Hello all!!!

I have a pretty low GPA and want to see if any of you out there are in the same situation and got into a nursing program... which one, where, how was the program, could I work 1 day a week during the program, etc!

About me:

-I will have my BS in Public Health by June 2018 with an overall GPA of probably 2.80 :(

-I have 2+ years of experience as a Telemetry Technician and CNA in step-down ICU and PCU units

-I will be retaking my 3 core science classes and will hopefully have a 3.6 in those classes total (Anatomy, physiology, microbiology). I got an A in pharmacology but not many schools require that class

-I will be taking the TEAs test within the next 3 months and hope to score at least a 90% (I study and test really well, I don't do well with homework lol)

-I live in San Diego however I am willing to relocate to where ever I need to go... Upstate NY, Washington state, and California would be a plus

-I currently work 2 jobs which is why my GPA is so low, but I plan to only work 1 day a week or not at all during nursing school, so that wont be a problem for me

-I would prefer an ABSN program (2 years max, 12-16 months preferred)

After seeing what GPAs the schools have taken, I am very discouraged :/ Nursing is truly my calling and I hope that I can make my dream come true... seeing the nurses do what they do on my units makes me extremely jealous lol




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ABSN is not an option. They have limited slot availability and there will be many applicants that have a much higher GPA than you, even if you can find one that has a 2.75 minimum first degree GPA.