Love VS. Hate

Nurses LPN/LVN


Hello everyone!! I was just wondering what you love about your job, and what you hate about your job? Please share, thanks!

Specializes in Home Care.

In my previous job I loved my patients, our medical rehab program and my collaborative team but I didn't like my co--workers.

New far I love everything about it. I'm a supervisor in a seniors lodge. I'm fortunate to have a great team of aids and collaborative team.

Specializes in Geriatrics, Pediatrics.

I love working as a homehealth nurse. It is less stressful than working in a facility. I Love one on one with my patients. I don't like having to deal with difficult primary care givers, who expect me to go above and beyond the call of duty!

Specializes in hospice, HH, LTC, ER,OR.

I love my flexible hours, I go to work when I get ready and get off when I get ready. I hate that I have a salary cap and I can only work in certain settings. Also I hate the amount of home health charting on the computer that I have to do. I dont like difficult clients or caregivers and also caregivers that watch me like a bloodhound!

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