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  1. Hello! I am considering a move to New Orleans right now. I am looking to work at University Medical Center in New Orleans. I am highly interested in working in the PACU. I have one year of med-surg experience and four years of varying ICU experience (Level I trauma adults and peds, MICU, SICU, CCU, CVICU). I am also interested in working in ICU. I would like to know ballpark hourly rates for my experience. I have my BSN and CCRN. Also, what is the culture like at UMCNO? Is parking free? Does the hospital offer a relocation bonus? I have lots of questions. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!!
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  3. by   Nurse2Be20
    what part of Georgia are you from?
    I use to live in Roswell & Marietta

    PS-I work in the PACU at UH =) && we pay 12$ per pay period for parking
    Oh and our boss is awesome, in the PACU! It's a VERY busy unit with daily over flow and you MUST MUST MULTI task aka get the patient out in a safely manner =)
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    Thank you for responding. I live in Lithonia on the east side of Atlanta. I am used to paying 20/month for parking but thank you for the heads up. I am definitely used to multi-tasking. I work in a very busy trauma center as well. Can you tell me ballpark figures for a nurse with five years of experience? If you want to pm me that is fine. I appreciate your help. I am making some life changing decisions right now.