SELU accelerated program?

  1. There doesn't seem to be much talk about Southeastern Nursing School on this board! Has anyone gone through the accelerate program there?
    I'm applying in February. I'm finishing up a few pre-requ's and a few retakes. If I get the grades I'm pretty sure I will, I will have a 3.62 when I apply. I hope that's good enough.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.....
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  3. by   heartNICU
    Hi! I think I'm the only SELU person that lurks these boards! I'm currently in the traditional BSN program, about to start the second semester. Last semester, there were 3 accelerated students in my lab group (you will have ALL of your classes with your lab group). They participate in the fall and spring semesters with the regular students, but they also do summer semesters, which obviously would be more intense. So they will be going Spring-Summer-Fall-Spring-Summer and out! I'm not sure what the cut-off was this past semester, but when I applied last fall to start Spring 2010, it was a 3.42 for traditional, and I believe accelerated is typically a bit lower. I got in with a 3.54. I think you should be fine as long as you get the grades you are expecting. I love the program so far... if you have any questions about anything specific, I would be more than happy to answer!
  4. by   NurseMaybeBaby
    oh, awesome! Thanks so much for the info. I know if I get in when I apply in February, it starts in the May interm for like a 3 week session. So pretty much no breaks!
  5. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    Another SELU student here. I'm in the LPN/BSN bridge. I took pharm I this summer and had 10 accelerated students in there.