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  1. I am going to apply to OLOL College. I was just wanted to get some feedback on how your experience was with this school, good teachers? Just any information would be great. Oh, what is the pass rate also.

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  3. by   dsoginer
    Hi Debbie,

    I am in the program right now. I am sure from the emails about OLOL College you know how tough it is. We are down 30% in the amount of students from the start. The administration seems to be trying to hang on to the rest of us; they have lightened up a bit. We have students who have had to send their kids to family members so they could continue because this program is fast and tough. Know also that if you flunk one class you are out; unlike other programs where you have a second chance. The grading scale is a 6 pt. 79.4 is an F. However the program is only 9 months long which after being in school for so long to get a BS, is worth all the grief. You have a stipend each month which is great, and the tuition is paid.

    Hope this helps. Also know that there is a program at Tulane, one starting in January at West Jeff and a program starting at East Jeff next September, all accelerated.
  4. by   mzjones6
    I'm getting ready to take my N120 final tomorrow and its been a bit of an uphill battle, but I've enjoyed it every step of the way. You have to dedicate 120% of your time to the program and you have to really want it because they make you work for it. I have no prior medical experience but I passed pharm with a B and I'll probably pass fundamentals with a B.

    We're slightly disorganized in terms of our spring semester lookout though, that's my only objection. But its understandable being this is the first class on the BR campus. Some of us are married, some of us have kids, some of us are planning weddings because they're getting married after the program is over, but we're all in it to win and graduate. I've enjoyed all my instructors for the most part. They're tough sometimes, but they do care and want us to pass, contrary to public opinion.
  5. by   ILNAJ
    Hey Debbie,
    I just graduated from OLOL. It is "do-able", not easy at all! You can pass if your heart is in it. If you have support from friends and family it is easier. Stay encouraged, positive and in the books. When the instructors tell you you will not have a life they are not joking!
  6. by   Miss Mac
    I was accepted into OLOL BR Accl Nursing Program. I have the notes for Pharm but I was wondering if anyone was has a good study method. There is a lot of info to memorize and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  7. by   snickersBRaccel
    My study method which has worked great for me so far:
    1. read text and highlight
    2. attend lecture on material
    3. re-read text and take own notes
    4. study notes
    5. make and study flash-cards for memorize-able items.

    it's very time consuming, but after all of that, I can give my own lecture on the material... I guess we'll see how this works for me with nursing classes. I start in Sept at the BR accelerated OLOL program.
  8. by   Miss Mac
    Thanks for the help! I am about 1/2 way thru the notes and my study method doesn't seem to be working very well! See ya in Sept!
  9. by   tobethebest
    Hello All,
    I applied last year to OLOL Nursing Accelerated Propgram and was accepted but, had to decline once I found out I was three classes short. I'm now in the process of completing those three courses and have re-applied for 2009. I would like any feedback from anyone that is presently in the program at B.R. or applying to the 2009 program. I always think it's important to go into something with others as a support system for each other. I have found that if you have that support it really creates a strong foundation. Anyone have anything to say? Thanks to all!
  10. by   snickersBRaccel
    first, in dealing with the college, keep copies of EVERYTHING you have to send them. We've had lots of problems with them losing papers. second, study your notes they give you and the notes you take in lecture first, then after you know them, if you have time, read the text books. There are several questions on the exams that come from the text book, but there are far more that come from what was discussed in class. Make sure you're good in algebra word problems. There are 5 questions on each exam that are dosage calculations. Hope this helps!
  11. by   Eliag
    I have been accepted and start in January. Does anyone have any tips on things I can do now to be prepared? I am working on getting pharm notes. What about a pharm book? Recommendations?
  12. by   snickersBRaccel
    the Mosby's 2009 Nursing Drug Reference has about 60 pages in the beginning of it that is excellent. If you study those 60 pages before school starts, you will be well ahead of the game. It outlines the different classes of drugs, their mechanism of action, common side effects, and examples of drugs in the class. Pharm is all memorization and understanding physiology, so if you don't remember A&P, review that, especially the autonomic NS, conduction system of the heart, and the kidneys.
  13. by   Lcrich87
    Does anyone have information on the RN-BSN program or if they know which is easier OLOLC or SELU?