OLOL Program Questions (for us newbies)

  1. I have read about WIA but am not sure of exactly what it is. There was no mention of it at the informational meeting for OLOL. Is it some sort of financial assistance for tuition? Also, can any of the past/current OLOL students give us details about the program. I am working a full time job with plans to stop before school starts. Do we learn dosage calculations and medical math during the program or are we expected to have this knowledge beforehand?
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  3. by   dsoginer
    Hey Theron,

    WIA is a work training program; a US gov't program. They were supposed to pay half of the tuition for Fall but did not get the paperwork done in time so Tulane picked up the entire bill for Fall. We filled out paperwork at the WIA offices in Jan so maybe they are paying for half the tuition this spring. If not Tulane will also pick that up. WIA gave the class before us travel money of 15.00 a day, we have not received this but are still hopeful. Tulane gives us a stipend of $600.00 a month; if you have taxes taken out you clear half of that. The Tulane tuition and stipend will have to be paid back if you do not honor your contract to work for 2 yrs at a HCA facility. HCA is the parent co of Tulane and there are 200 HCA hospitals around the country.
    The tuition refund is the Stafford loans, but OLOL did not refund the money in the fall until Oct and we received the Spring refund 2 wks ago. You have to complain to get anything done in this program. Remember that.

    One of the smartest things I did was get the Dosage Calculation book in the summer before school. During the semester there just is not time to study Math so learn it before school starts and you will just have to review. There is 5 questions on each test that deal with math. Since we are on a 6 pt grading system, 5 wrong answers is a 90 which is a B. 79 is an F.

    Good luck and let me know if you need more information