OLOL Admissions question- Please help!

  1. I have been calling and calling and calling the admissions at OLOL (any of you who have tried know what I'm talking about) and no answer. I submitted my application for the Tulane accelerated nursing program, and in the box where it asks if you are still interested in the other programs (in Metairie and BR) I checked yes. Now I've been hearing a lot more good things about the BR campus, plus with my current money situation, I think a cheaper cost of living in BR vs. New Orleans would be better.

    So I guess my question is...if I already applied to the Tulane campus and get in, can I still wait to find out if I get into the BR campus and then make a decision, or is it a done deal once you're accepted, take it or leave thing?
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  3. by   msvicky7
    Hi Whodat!
    I've also applied for the Tulane program. I checked the school sites as well. I'm not sure if we will be considered for the other sites. I haven't heard anything since olol sent the checklist for the pre-requisites classes. I'm getting very anxious! I have a friend who applied for the Spring 2010 semester and made it. It took only 2 months for her to hear back from olol. However, I've looked at several of the message boards and it seems that those who applied this time last year, did not hear back until May! Please let me know if you hear anything and I'll do the same. Good luck to you!
  4. by   greenelle79
    I too have applied to the OLOL Accelerated programs, Tulane and Metairie, and have yet to hear anything. The wait is killer!! I'm curious what everyone's GPA is now? I don't know anyone who has ever attended this school before, so I don't know anything about, as far as if I have a chance of being accepted.
  5. by   MatthewDuhon
    For the Tulane campus, letters have been mailed out already and I have received mine. Metairie and BR, I have heard wont be known until end of April or beginning of May. I'm hoping to get BR also.

    During orientation, I was told 'to accept the Tulane one and you can always decline later to choose another OLOL campus without any penalties.' You may want to make sure, but an admissions specialist had said that.