1. Hi. I have a unique situation and I would like some advice.

    I started at NSU Natchitoches in 2004. My first year I was on the track to get a Bachelor's in Nursing. I read up on the program, and was so confused about the different campus issue. I had no idea when I started in the program in Natchitoches that I was going to need to move to Shreveport to finish. This scared me away because at the time I had no means to move to Shreveport, and I am going to graduate next December with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design.

    However, I still feel like my calling is in nursing, and I am planning on getting the Associate's in Nursing offered at NSU. I have all of the pre-req's to apply for clinicals in that degree, so what's the harm? I am willing to relocate to Shreveport now without a second thought.

    Also, the advisors on NSU's campus said since my ACT scores and GPA were so high I would be a "shoe in" for clinicals. But i have heard it is dificult to get into clinicals at the NSU program..Anyone know much about it?
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    my dtr had to wait a semester to get into clinicals to do lack of space
    but this was about 5 years ago
  4. by   sockmonkey70
    hmmm. is it more of a first come first serve program, or gpa based? what was her gpa? (just to give me an idea if i have a chance)
  5. by   ahc1503
    i am currently in clinicals in the ASN program & they accept on the basis of GPA as well as the number of hours taken at Northwestern. The determination of the number of students depends on the number of teacher available as there are only 10 students per clinical instructors. (4 instuctors=40 students, etc.) hope this helps!:spin:
  6. by   sockmonkey70
    Are more hours good or bad? (aka, will the fact i will have a bachelor's in a non related degree affect me positively or negatively?)

    And what type of GPA is competitive? I have a 3.72 overall, but a 3.8 in Nursing pre-req's.
  7. by   ahc1503
    if you took all or most of your pre-req hours at nsu then this would be a plus....

    as for the GPA the minimun is a 2.7 i believe....in my opinion with a 3.7 or 3.8 i dont forsee you having any problem at all

    nsu-shreveport is not as bad as what you probably have heard. i know i heard a LOT of things before i actually went there for my pre-reqs then i was scared of the clinical experience, but now i am about to start my 4th & last level and i can honestly say it hasnt been that bad at nsu!
  8. by   sockmonkey70
    all of my credits are at nsu. did you get in with just pre-req's completed, or did you finish the additional courses (like Psych 2050, Zoo1230, etc) that could be taken concurrently?

    thanks for all of your info! i have heard NSU Shreveport is hard, but it really thoroughly prepares you to be a nurse. And whats the point of going to school if you don't learn anything right?

    Congrats on making it to the last level! I won't start clinicals for a year, but I am excited knowing I have my pre-req's and a good chance of getting in.
    thanks again
  9. by   ahc1503
    i took all the co-requisites except for microbiology & fine arts. i think that it is a good idea to take as much as you can before clinicals though. i took my micro online and i am going to take my fine arts online this semeter.