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Just wondering if anyone is currently attending or applying to LSU's accelerated program? I would love more information. How many people are accepted each year? Are they still basing acceptance at... Read More

  1. by   dsoginer
    Sunshine0425, I really want to know more about the Loyola program! I am an older student and will need to become a supervisor rather than floor nurse within a few short years. Nicholls is starting an ASN to BSN program this fall, but I had not heard about Loyola's program. Will they let you into an MSN program with an ASN?
  2. by   dsoginer
    Sunshine0425 I would love to know more about the Loyola program. I know that Nicholls is starting an ASN to BSN program in the Fall, but had not heard about the Loyola program. Will they accept an ASN to a MSN program?
  3. by   Sunshine0425
    They have a bridge program for ASN nurses with prior bachelor's degrees. It is a program that leads an individual into either their Nurse Practitioner program or Master in Health Systems Mgt. If you are interested you can go to their website and request info.