LSUHSC Admissions? HELP

  1. I am trying to apply to nursing school for the Fall 2010 semester. I am terrified that I will not get into the program. Currently my GPA is 3.4. I have 3 C's on my transcript in Biology Lab, Sociology, and Microbiology. Will this affect my admissions? Has anyone been accepted into the program with a lower GPA or more C's??
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  3. by   newgirla
    hey mallory,

    i just got accepted for spring 2010..i had a 3.6 but my friend had a 3.2 and got accepted..I know they changed their requirements..i think the only classes u need to worry about are math english 1 bio lab and lecture psyc and chem..thats the gpa theyre looking for and ur hesi test. I would def. study all these few weeks u have til the test deadline because if u have a good score itll make up for w/e C's u have. but micro and sociology dont count..and def. dont worry bout the c in lab..if u have good grades in lecture thats what counts. Dont fret..i know its easier said then done but ull be fine!

    Good luck!
  4. by   mdupri1
    That makes me feel better. Does the number of C's affect your acceptance? What courses did you friend have C's in and did you have any C's? As of now i have straight A's 1 B and 3 C's in my nursing courses, apparently my counselor told me that I cannot get in with any C's which is why in so scared. Congrats on getting accepted! Good Luck
  5. by   newgirla
    girl shes just telling u that so ull work harder! lol my friend had 2 C's i think..but not in important classes. so ull b fine! and thank u!

    oh and ur grades sound like what she had but she had more B's than A's
  6. by   whodat504
    Hi Mallory,
    If I were you, i would possibly look into taking the classes over that you got C's in. All of the prerequisite classes are taken into consideration. This includes all of your science classes, too. I know a girl who had a C in biology. This was her only C in her prereqs and she was advised to take it over again. She did and she got into the program. LSU nursing school is very challenging. I am a very good student and I still struggled with the first semester classes. Good Luck with everything!
    Who Dat!
  7. by   newgirla
    they changed what pre reqs theyre looking long as u have A's and B's in those certain classes you're fine. My friend is applying with you and thats what they told her because she has C's in microbiology and music. So just worry about the HESI and the certain prereqs listed
  8. by   mdupri1
    I retook Microbiology and i got an A, so my GPA is now a 3.6 I still have 2 C's which are in Biology lab and Sociology. Do you think they are looking more at GPA or the grades that you make in the courses?
  9. by   newgirla
    theyre looking at both. the classes u have C's in are friend made a c in micro art biology lab and chemistry..had a 3.2 gpa and got in the first time. theyre looking at psychology, english one, math, bio lab, bio lecture, and chemistry. make sure u have good grades on those. thats what theyre looking for
  10. by   fattygirl
    Does anyone know what you have to score on the HESI for LSUHSC Nursing school BSN program?
  11. by   nursestudent1975
    I know this was posted some time ago, but I was wondering if someone had an update? I was originally going to apply to LSUHSC but figured I didn't have a chance. Now I have some more pre-req.s under my belt and I'm looking back into it. I first went to UNO, but then decided to apply to Charity, so I went to DCC. I had to take API & APII so I'm hoping that helps, but I know I would still have to re-take it anyway at LSUHSC. My question was...what school are you coming from? I know that LSUHSC takes preference to people already in the LSU sysem when looking at applicants. Now I'm not at UNO so I wonder if I even have a chance .
  12. by   Alexanderdj91
    Hey everyone. I recently found this board and the information on here is excellent. I was wondering if I could ask some advice. I am about to mail in my application for the LSUHSC BSN program for Spring of 2011. I have a 3.8 GPA and my prereq GPA is about 3.86. I have an A in Biology and an A in Chemistry and the social sciences. However, I just took my HESI yesterday and I received dissapointing results. For one, I had no idea there would be a Anatomy and Physiology section on there and since I have never had the class i scored a 40 on that section. I also am just now signed up to take Microbiology for the summer school session, and I originally took Biology a year ago, so I scored a low 64 on the Biology section. All my other scores were high, mostly above 90, but the 40 in A&P and the 64 in Biology brought my Cumulative score down to a 79.

    My question is, will this very badly effect my application, even with my good GPA? Should I consider retaking the HESI and am I even allowed to do that? Should I even send in the rest of my application now or should I wait to see if I can retake and improve my HESI?

    Any input would be very well appreciated. Thanks! Good luck to all.
  13. by   louise08h
    did you get in?