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  1. by   Kroth613
    No I just emailed them about it since that's what it says to do on the left hand side of the new student section.
    It says if you haven't gotten an account yet to email the email address below the message.
  2. by   nola_89
    I got my alternative letter today! anyone else in the same boat as me?!?
  3. by   Chin05
    Quote from nola_89
    I got my alternative letter today! anyone else in the same boat as me?!?
    I suspected this was what was going to happen. I'm not sure if I'm in the same boat as you as yet. I got to make it home and check my mail. But if I indeed am, no worries. We just have to shake it off and hope that either we get someone's spot who couldn't make it or get ready to apply for next semester. Focus on the things we can change and keep it moving.
  4. by   nola_89
    Yess such a positive attitude!! And you're right just focus on what we can do better and hope we get a spot. Good luck btw!!
  5. by   Chin05
    Got home checked my mail and finally a letter to tell me what in God's name is going on lol! I got wait listed... Once again let the waiting begin. Congrats again to everyone who got in. Keep your fingers crossed for us wait listed folks if we don't see you in the fall keep your notes we'll need them for the spring!
  6. by   ChelseaAmy
    Im on the alternate list as well!!
  7. by   Chin05
    Quote from ChelseaAmy
    Im on the alternate list as well!!
    Welcome to the cool kids table lol! What was your HESI score and GPA if you don't mind me asking?
  8. by   raesymone
    Quote from hmarie09
    Has anyone gotten their e-mail about the computer access yet?
    My letter said that if you don't get an email by the 26th to email them.
  9. by   Chin05
    Got a reply email confirmation for being placed on the alternate list. Anyone know what are the chances of getting a call back? Started on my back up plan but just curious.
  10. by   emilynicole
    I got accepted to the Fall 2013 nursing program and was wondering if anyone on here is looking to do the dorms on campus? i live in slidell but i want to have a place on campus. i dont know anyone whose in the nursing program yet. im really excited to start!
  11. by   emilynicole
    let me know
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  12. by   emilynicole
    let me know
  13. by   emilynicole
    hey everyone i made a facebook page because i couldnt find one already done. i think itl be a great way to communicate and form study groups and stuff. it is LSU School of Nursing 2013