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  1. Hello all! I have a question for anyone that took pre reqs at Delgado for LSU. I need to take chemistry and biology with lab before I can apply. Delgado offers General Chemistry and General Chemistry for science majors. Biology is worded the same way. It's either the 101 or the 141 class. Do you know if LSU accepts both or if they prefer one over the other? I need to schedule my classes asap. I emailed the director, but I'm sure he is still on holiday and I just want to lock in my classes soon.

    Also, I did try to schedule Microbiology but it wouldn't let me because it said there was a pre req to the class, but they did not tell me what it was. Has anyone else run into this problem scheduling online before? I plan on trying to talk to someone at Delgado in person on Monday, but I was just curious if anyone had any insight into this.

    I have a previous degree from UL Lafayette, and I had a transcript sent to Delgado, but I'm not sure if they have received it yet.
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  3. by   Miiki
    The pre-nursing curriculum at LSU A&M lists general biology for science majors (1201) not general biology (1001).
  4. by   Skillz
    Thanks for the response. Yeah, I haven't heard back from LSU yet but I went on and registered for Biology 141 & 143 which is the one for science majors. I'm about to head over there today to try to sign up for Chemistry. Hopefully they will let me but the pre req is college algebra, which I've already taken. The problem is, it was taken in 2001, so I don't know they will accept the credit. I'm not looking forward to this visit :/.
  5. by   Miiki
    Yea, taking the higher one would be safer because they should take it either way.

    Good luck!!
  6. by   KristenNola
    You need to take the 141 class, and the pre req for micro is general bio.
  7. by   Skillz
    Quote from KristenNola
    You need to take the 141 class, and the pre req for micro is general bio.
    Same for chemistry or will they just take chem 101?
  8. by   KristenNola
    yes, same for chem, the 141 class.