Lady of the Lake Accelerated ASN - page 48

Hi. I am very interested in the accelerated ASN program at Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge. Can anyone give me any information on this program? I've seen the information that is available... Read More

  1. by   AshputGod1st
    MyPortal has everything as far as: e-mail, webservices, financial aid etc...

    For the first day of class, I might only bring my binder w/ paper in it.

    I'm not sure what to bring to class b/c the first week is just Transition into Accelerated Nursing.
  2. by   curiousKayPee
    Ok great so we are on the same page, as to what to bring. I thought that was what myportal was, I logged into there a few weeks back
    Tomorrow's the day!!!
  3. by   AshputGod1st
    I'm excited about tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   curiousKayPee
    Yay! Me too!
  5. by   godlovesRNs
    CuriousKayPee, how is school going so far? Is it what you expected?
  6. by   curiousKayPee
    Well today was our third day so far into the program, this week is basically us transitioning. Next week we begin Pharm, that will be the real test. We are all very eager to dive into it. So to answer your question, its too early to really have an opinion, I will let you know in a week or so, how it is. It is good to really get started after the whole applying process.
    One interesting thing so far, is that at orientation there was like 50 people, but on the first day it was only 35 people. Not sure what happened, but then again that it was some of the others on here said would happen.
  7. by   godlovesRNs
    Thanks so much for responding. I would love to hear back from you in a week or so. I will be starting in the BR Accelerated program next month so I am a little curious about what to expect. Good Luck with everything.