Just want to vent about SELU SON program

  1. Hey everyone,
    Well I just signed up on this site and looks like everyone here is all about nursing!!! Well anyways I was a 1st Semester senior at SELUSON, however due to this past term I semester for the summer, I unfortunately failed OB by 1% grade from a 79 to pass and finish up my remaining 11 hours for this upcoming fall. You are only allowed to fail two courses throughout the nursing school and well I didn't do as great with Pharm 2 and had to retake that last summer as well but manage to get the C I needed. Well this past spring I did great in Peds clinicals and passed peds with the interest that I might enjoy working with Peds in the future. However, once OB started I did okay in clinicals although OB was not interesting to me and I don't know if that may have played a factor into not doing so well with the theroy course. I studied studied and studied for OB but it just did not click. And as well halfway through the spring semester, my dad and sister had to be hospitalized due to some mental issues which definately took a toll on me and worrying about them. They are doing great now, but during that time period my focus was not on school but on them. So I didn't pass OB, failed it horribly and I tried to talk to my teachers and get help with these tests. They were encouraging about having to retake it this past summer and I did great on the 1st test, 2nd test not as well, and the final test well 1% means a whole lot. And now Im out!! But we have an appeal process committee for progression/retention. My hearing with the committee is Aug 15th and I am so nervous in what do if they don't let me in. They are very strict with there progression/retention policy and if Im not back in, I don't know what I'd do. I've been fortunate enough to be going to school through VA benefits via my dad who served in the Air Force and MY ULTIMATE Goal after nursing school after obtaining my BSN was to go as a commissioned officer with the USAF. SO in all I am just really upset at this moment about this 1% mishaps. So I hope this coming Aug 15 all will work out.
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  3. by   Terika9
    Hey. I am a student and I know what you're going through. But please do not give up if this is truly what you want. Have faith and keep praying. Good Luck!!
  4. by   StudentNursePedrito
    Thanks for the encouragement!! Well I have a few of my teachers that will write letter of recommendations for me and I am getting all the documentation that is needed to have the best fighting chance with the appeals committee... soo in all I am just waiting for aug 15 to hear about the decision of the appeal committee!!
  5. by   2benurse2008
    Sorry To hear what has happened. I also attended Sluson. I have heard that students are allowed to fail three classes before being kick out of the program. They just dont want to broadcast this. If you go in and plead your case ( show how the family problems had affected your studies and stress how you are attending school on a VA grant that could go away and you have no other way of paying for college.) You still have a chance to go back in the fall. Now I heard of someone who had similar problems with a family member and she was told she has to sit out for one year before returning. So dont worry I think you will get back in it is just what date the committee decides on. Good Luck
  6. by   StudentNursePedrito
    2bnurse 2008..
    Hey soo are you a graduate of SLU??? The appeal process that I have coming up Aug 15 Im not too worried about, I actually have a letter of recommendation letter from my peds clinical instructor and wrote a great review about my performance with nursing school and yeah the committee really looks alot at family problems and I do deal alot with test anxiety bad enough that I had passed out one time during a test my 2nd semester of school. But neways I know all the stuff that I do need to get done for the appeal coming up, I basically have to get the hospital documentation that provides when both my father and sister were hospitalized so they can verify that they were actually in the hospital and if they look back on the date when my dad had to be hospitalized it was definately during the week of finals for OB!! So for the most part I believe that I'll be able to get in..when I posted my previous post I was just upset, but looks like things are looking alot better for myself. Thanks for your support!!!!
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  7. by   2benurse2008
    I will graduate this upcoming Dec. But you are right, the ob class was a rough class. I thought having three different teacher was very confusing and to cram into mini semester was something in its self. I really hated X question they were out there. Anyway I wish you the best of luck on the 15Th.

    It is always good to vent.
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    So your graduating in dec..huhh I wish that was the case for myself..and yeah X questions were the dumbest questions that I've ever seen in nursing test at SLU..well same with psych..but yeah. well best of luck to you where are you supposed to be at for clinicals in the fall?? and o by the way i am Peter C..if you had classes with me then you would know I am then..the asian guy!!
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    HI, I think I had you in my class. I sat at the end of frist roll in OB if you can remember who sat over there. I am probly One of the oldest students in the class If that helps. Let see Wendy and Kim were back there with me I am Dolores. I will be doing my clinicals at Lakeview (it is covington/madeville area). I am a little worried about the upcoming semester I have X which I have heard she is pretty hard on her exam's. I did not have her for managment but I heard she gave everyone fits. My clinical teacher I was told is fairly good, So we will soon see. I am just glad there is a light at the end of tunnel.
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  10. by   Gottago
    If this is the same Dolores, I also had class with you many, many moons ago. We were in the first semester of nursing together, if you had X for the first nursing comp lab. If this is you, congratulations on your upcoming final semester. I hope all goes well for you.
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  11. by   2benurse2008
    Hi gottago, I did have X. Who are you?
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    please do not post names of instructors/profs. per tos:

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    You are correct. I should have been more discreet. Thanks for the edit.
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    Sorry, I will be more mind full in the future. Thanks