CSN acceptance?

  1. Hi, I am a student interested in attending Charity school of Nurisng in New Orleans next spring. My profile score is a 80, Hesi score a 80, and GPA 2.5 and CSN 3.5. I am a little nervous about my cumulative gpa being so low. Will that affect my chances of getting in?
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  3. by   TheBlackDogWaits
    Hi Kias! I am a current CSN student in Level 1. Technically, your GPA does affect your chance of getting in overall, since it contributes to your profile score, but I am guessing your HESI score is on the higher end of priority information, and hence will support your chances big time since it can weigh your score as heavily as it does. Some people take it twice and still don't get an 80, so good job. My cumulative GPA and CSN GPA were pretty comparable to yours, but my HESI was an 89, and I got into the CSN program on my second attempt. HESI score is important because it reflects pertinent information about what you know and how you test with that knowledge base. If you aren't satisfied with your HESI score, you can always use this free time to study and retake the test (you have two opportunities). Good luck!!!
  4. by   kiasr10
    Do you know why you didn't get accepted the first time? Thank you for your wonderful advice!! How are you liking the school and classes so far?
  5. by   cloewe4950
    My gpa's are about the same as yours. I took the hesi and got a 92. I thought overall acceptance was based on your profile score. I would think with an 80 that you wouldnt have a problem as the cut off seems to be around a 65.
  6. by   kiasr10
    Okay. Wasn't sure about the cut off! Thank you!!
  7. by   TheBlackDogWaits
    I'm not sure why I didn't get in the first time. Most likely my profile score was not competitive enough, as the fall semester (I'm guessing here) attracts many more applicants, and sometimes those who are not accepted do not reapply for whatever reasons. School is great so far for me, but I think the experience really depends on the individual. I would emphasize prioritizing your time more than anything else. You could probably get by without books (they provide lecture outlines and then detail them during lecture), and you could probably get by without having tools for a limited amount of time, but you can't get by without applying the information, so the priorities are to be comfortable with Blackboard navigation (have open access to a quality printer because the bulk of your knowledge base is going to come from lecture outlines), and practice, practice, practice application of information (clinical skills, patient scenarios, etc). Also, don't stress. I know that sounds like a misnomer, but the reality is the program will hold your hand because they genuinely want you to do well. So, stay curious, and be studious about lecture and application.
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  8. by   kiasr10
    I made C's in both english 102 and college algebra I was considering retaking these courses but i'm not sure if they would take the higher grade or not? Would any of you know?
  9. by   TheBlackDogWaits
    It might improve your GPA but your Cs would still compose your cumulative.