CNA Registry Charity Nursing jan 07

  1. Found out yesterday from admin that you are cna certified after passing basic nursing /yes!!! Another good benefit
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  3. by   savanna0511
    Do you know how many semesters do you have to get through before you can be a nurse tech?
  4. by   PaxMaster
    depends on what hospital is looking for i applied and told them no experience but they only wanted to pay me 7/hr :angryfire
  5. by   savanna0511
    Oh, so if we just wanted to work this summer for experience then we could get a nurse tech job? I was just wondering. I thought you might have to have 2 semesters behind you before you could even apply.
    You only need one semester. And of course you need to have passing grade (which you have to have anyway to go to the next class) - in addition to a "pass" on your clinical experience for that semester. I think the law says 40 clinical hours and at least 40 instruction hours- so one semester completes it.... Most hospitals use the word cna and nurse tech interchangably- check out the hospitals website and see what they are offering. You can work just about anywhere you want since there is such a shortage-

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