Class Schedules @ Delgado

  1. I'm sure the schedules change alot for each semester, but I was wondering if anyone could give me a hint of what times the classes are for the day time??? My boss just told me that he may be getting another job and I may have to go back to being a CNA while I am in school. I'm just trying to figure out what my options are. TIA

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  3. by   savanna0511
    Mondays from 11:00 to 12;00, and on the mondays that we have test you have to be there from 12 to 1:15 for the test. Clinical days on either Tues or Wed from 7:30 to 2:30 until midterm. After midterm you go to the hospital and its Tues and Thurs every other week. And Fridays is lecture from 9 to 12.
  4. by   southlandrn you have a pharmacology class one day per week, 9-12. Like the previous post says, after midterm you will have clinicals twice per week basically 7-3, and then the following week you will not have clinicals at all. Before hospital clinicals start, I currently have Thursday as my "off" day. But once the hospital rotation starts, I won't have an off day for one week, but will then have 2 off days the following week. That cycle will continue for the rest of the semester. Make sense?
    I actually went back to work...hope that was not a mistake! But my job is flexible and allows me to work a few hours here, a few hours there. I can't fathom any other way. Seriously.
  5. by   savanna0511
    sorry! I forgot about Pharm!:roll I am taking it online so I don't have to go to class for that except when we have a test. How did you do on the first test Crescent? And are you ready for test 2 tomorrow? I'm a little nervous! Good luck
  6. by   southlandrn
    I made a 92 on the first test but I am not at all prepared for tomorrow! Do you know if we're supposed to go to the same room for this test? I haven't seen anything posted.
  7. by   savanna0511
    congrats! THat is a good score. I only made a 81, but I guess I shouldn't complain since I passed it. We go to the same room for all our basics tests. Good luck for tomorrow!
  8. by   jtoddj28
    I will be starting the program this fall. I didn't know any online classes were offered. Do you recommend the online class? I've taken several online classes and did well but I dont want to risk not doing well in any of my CSN classes. Do fell online class prepares you well enough for the tests? Thanks for any insight.
  9. by   savanna0511
    The only class offered online is Pharm. I like taking it online and seem to do well with online classes. It just depends on you. IF you have taken online classes before you should be ok.
    good luck