Charity wait list for Fall 2011

  1. I know it's a little early, but has anyone on the wait list heard anything yet?
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  3. by   kubana87
    I think you should hear after march may or the end of summer. In march their is a board session that is mandatory to attend so I guess those that dont go are out. In May we have to turn in our health papers and at the end of summer our transcripts have to be in with all the pre req finished all the a&ps and micro ect..
  4. by   RN2B12
    The admissions director emailed me back and said she should know more in April, I hate the waiting!
  5. by   kubana87
    Yea I think y'all know after March 17 bc we have to tuen in some papers that require fingerprints, criminal and background check, drug test , and a packet of questions for the Lsbn so much money prepare your wallet just all of this us $150 dollars in total!! Plus the additional health papers with all the vaccines can run for more then 400 if
    You don't have insurance!! Plus you have to buy medical insurance and you have to do classes before you start in August like CPR ect...
  6. by   kelbert82
    Where is the medical insurance from just wondering because I currently do not have any and was wondering where and how much it would cost before I start next year.
  7. by   jabroadwater
    If you don't have your own health insurance, there is a company that the school can direct you to where you can get it.
  8. by   kelbert82
    Thanks i will ask when that time comes
  9. by   RN2B12
    I sent the director of admissions an email inquiring about possible open seats for fall 2011. Her reply was that the dean has decided not to pull up this semester Guess we will see what Spring 2012 holds...good luck to everyone re-applying
  10. by   kelbert82
    Thats why I went in Feb to retake the TEAS and scored higher so now my profile score is a 65 and i could make the cutoff which i still hope is 55. Good luck to those also reapplying. The wait takes forever

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