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I just submitted my application to Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2013 semester. The deadline is May 15, 2012. Has anyone else out there applied for this semester?... Read More

  1. by   marchmadness
    Yeah I remember them saying white uniforms and stuff next week
  2. by   readytodothis
    I remember them saying the white uniforms in the second week. In the email that was sent out it said to make sure we had our materials needed next week meaning this week bc email was sent last week. So I was confused also. Thanks for the input.
  3. by   marchmadness
    Soo confused!!!
    No email for me
  4. by   Mie'sWay
    Hello guys from my understanding we do not need equipment until the 28th which is when we wear our uniform. As far as assignments we have two consent forms that my instructor had us print for tomorrow and a few reading assignments.
  5. by   Mie'sWay
    Vital signs tomorrow !!! Yikes
  6. by   readytodothis
    How is everyone studying the info that has been gone over in lecture? Just need some pointers... Taking way too long to get through each section the way I'm doing it... Please help!!
  7. by   TheBlackDogWaits
    Hey, readytodothis.... I bring a digital recorder to class and record every lecture. At the end of the week, right before everything leaves my brain, I sit down 2-3 hours a night (like maybe Friday and Sunday) and listen back to the lectures as I go through notes and/or lecture outlines made by the instructor (you could also access Tegrity if you wanted to do this). This way, if I miss something in class by dozing off or zoning out, I can revisit it. Once I know I didn't miss anything, I'll make some flash cards or create some mnemonic devices to help me retain the info a little bit longer, until I eventually just learn it. This may not be for everyone, just what is working for me so far. Hope this helps! I'm eager to see what others do, too....
  8. by   readytodothis
    Thank you studentetc
  9. by   Daya922
    Hi, everyone. I just came across this thread. I just applied to Charity so I'm hoping I get in. I have a question: what time do your classes usually start? I have a 3 year old and his daycare doesn't open until 7:30 am. I'm just curious on how the schedule works.
  10. by   TheBlackDogWaits
    AB, class start times vary depending on your registered schedule - and that will depend on how diligent you are in securing your desired schedule (classes fly fast when it's time to register!!!). Typically, for the first week or so, though, classes "start" at 830 (quoted, meaning no one ever shows up on time so classes don't usually start until 9 or later), which is tough to do if you drop your kids off for 730, because you will have to fight morning commuter traffic. If you register for evening clinicals, you're looking at a whole different ball game. Try having a Plan B. Having a Plan C is not a bad idea, either. Just saying.... Nursing 1 will take up 4 days: 2 days for clinical (6 hours long), and 2 days for lecture (1.5-2 hours long). Clinical days are typically on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and lecture days are typically on Thurs and Fri. This semester, only one clinical has a Saturday option, and that clinical is a 12 hour shift on the northshore. If you have a Tues/Wed clinical, it may either be from 6a-12p (or close enough) or may be from 3p-9p, whichever you choose, at whichever hospital you choose that is offered on the registry. Pharm this semester is either 8-10, or 2-4 - respectively scheduled around your clinical lecture which will either be a 10-12 or 12-2. Pharm is one day a week (Th or F, whichever you choose), and clinical lecture is two as I mentioned, on both Th and F. Your clinical hospital choosing will dictate the actual lecture time slot you will have. Hope this helps.
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  11. by   Occy
    How was everyone's first exam? Hope ya'll did great!!!
  12. by   readytodothis
    I scored above a 78 so I'm happy happy!! The concepts I focused a lot of time on I did very well but the ones I thought were "easy" I didn't spend enough time understanding... So didn't do very well on... So lesson learned!! I didn't think I was gonna survive it but I did!!
  13. by   marchmadness
    I got a B,which I'm very bummed about considering I studied for 3 weeks
    4-5 hrs a day!!! Lol
    (I got simple ones wrong)
    But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Pretty simple and to Da point! I studied too in depth which should prepare me for the higher levels.
    But not bad at all!! I would take more test like that anyday.