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Anyone on the northshore applying? Would love to find a group to study/carpool with after we get in!... Read More

  1. by   cloewe4950
    Just got my acceptance letter in the mail today!!!
  2. by   Shawnney
    Congrats! I did too. when are you going to the orientation?
  3. by   Ashley2000
    Congrats to y'all ! Even though I knew I was accepted I also got my letter today
  4. by   Naeema_rnhopeful
    @cloewe4950 Congrats!!! So I guess they are sending the letters out early. I am so nervous .I will be checking my mail everyday now. The best of luck to us all!
  5. by   Naeema_rnhopeful
    Those of you that were accepted...if you don't mind me asking what were your profile scores?
  6. by   cloewe4950
    The letter doesn't give a cut off score. My profile score was an 85. I just talked to admissions yesterday and they said letters would be going out the first week of April. I was completely shocked to see a packet in the mail today. I think I am going to orientation on Thursday or Friday. Congrats to those that got their letters today and Good luck to those who haven't gotten them yet.

    Still looking for people from the Northshore who would want to carpool.
  7. by   cloewe4950
    Dont forget we are trying to get a facebook group together. IT is much easier to keep up with fb. Feel free to add me as a friend and I will add you to the group.

    Lesley Williams Loewe
  8. by   Naeema_rnhopeful
    @cloewe4950 85 profile score is great!! My score wasn't as high so I hope to hear something soon
  9. by   cloewe4950
    I hope you find out soon also. Anyone in here from the Northshore?
  10. by   Ashley2000
    Last semester cut off was 70. That was the highest cut off score they ever had. *********will tell you the cut off score if you call her. Mine was a 65 but I was a stand by last semester and they didn't have any spots so all stand by's got in this semester. I can't imagne the cut off being more than a 70...
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  11. by   LEZ126
    Hey!! I got in as well!!! Sooo excited and nervous!!! When is everyone who got in going to Orientation?
  12. by   cloewe4950
    I think I am going to orientation on Thursday. Lez126 are you in the city? Congrats on getting in. Hopefully August will come quickly!
  13. by   Naeema_rnhopeful
    Hey lez126 did you get your letter today and what was your profile score?