Charity school of nursing fall 2014(I got accepted, Now what?)

  1. Does anybody have any advice about what to expect ? I've heard so many horror stories about how hard charity is. and I'm a little nervous . ok a lot nervous!!!!!! lol

    Anybody what to form a study group????
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  3. by   RnBabycakes
    Did anybody else hear that they are going to drug test us at this mandatory meeting???
  4. by   Nurse0486
    hi charity student here... they will not drug test you at the mandatory meeting but you will find out the info about it there
  5. by   breannemw
    I think we are all a little nervous not knowing what to expect! What day are you going to the meeting?
  6. by   RnBabycakes
    I'm either going Tuesday or Wednesday because I know it's going to be packed Monday. What about you?
  7. by   Jayjormom
    Any advice for us new comers. Teachers, study material, parking, clinical sites etc....
  8. by   Nurse0486
    Quote from Jayjormom
    Any advice for us new comers. Teachers, study material, parking, clinical sites etc....

    Well i was on team 3 which is a really good team.. I don't have anything bad to say about the other instructors but i know that i had a really good experience with these teachers As for as parking if i were you i would get the parking at lsu garage because you can use the walkway to get to school. That way you don't have to worry about getting wet or trying to find a parking spot. The only things i use to study are the notes they gave us and the book.
    I would also tell you to just take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Everyones experience in nursing school is different. Remember you got accepted into school so you will be able to pass and graduate. The only thing thats different is the way they ask the questions. After your first test you will have a better understanding of these things. Please make sure that you stay organized! You have to be! and congrats on getting in!
  9. by   RnBabycakes
    Is anyone else having trouble getting in touch with there advisor????
  10. by   Jayjormom
    Rnbabycakes I was having issues also. Is your advisor Alexan? If so the email address that they gave me was wrong. Contact the office and they will get your info and email them. My advisor has clinicals on tues and wed and lecture thurs and fri so it was difficult catching her in her office. They should be able to help u get in contact with her
  11. by   Jayjormom
    @jay040806 thanks for the advice and good luck!!!
  12. by   jshantel
    Hi, I will be attending Fall 2014. A study group sounds good.
  13. by   breannemw
    If you have a Facebook, go join the Facebook page that someone made for fall 2014... It's called Charity School of Nursing Fall 2014
  14. by   FrankieDax
    I can't seem to find the Facebook group.