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Ok, I am a student at Delgado Community College and I've applied for the Fall 2012 class at Charity School of Nursing. I know that they go by the profile score, which I have worked on and I know that... Read More

  1. by   lori79
    Still awaiting don't know if this is a good thing r bad thing that I haven't got a letter yet bc 3 of my friends received their letters and all of them were accepted.. Congratulations 2 everyone accepted..I wish u all the best of luck..
  2. by   firrehorse
    Hi everyone, congrats to those who are going to Charity Fall 2012.

    I live in Lacombe and would love to get to know the North Shore group so I'm suggesting a meet and greet one morning or afternoon on the weekend. If anyone is interested let me know and I will try to coordinate it.
  3. by   learning2care
    KGCSN - that is the best advice yet! I am going to take that advice!! I got accepted for the fall 12 class and am really excited! I will have to figure out the study group thing since I'll be commuting. Right now I live in Slidell, but will be moving closer to my husbands work (moving in w my parents -past Hammond) so that someone can be available to get the kids if they need to.
  4. by   Rmed4320
    Hello! Congrats on school!!! I live in slidell so I am very close to you. Would love to have a meet and greet. Weekends are always good for me. Would be nice to get to know some people before we start this adventure!
  5. by   firrehorse
    Hi Rmed4320,


    I just sent you a PM let me know if you can receive them.
  6. by   Rmed4320
    Thanks so much! I got the pm but am unable to respond. The system won't let me. Let me know when you want to meet up! Looking forward to it!
  7. by   Rmed4320
    I got your pm again. I can't send you a pm back. However from past experience based on what you sent me.... Not good. Not to be negative. I have applied before so I kinda know...but don't hold me to that.
  8. by   Rmed4320
    She should call admissions and speak with the head of admissions. Although I didn't receive anything either except my acceptance letter. So perhaps it's just a matter of waiting. I have taken classes at every campus. So it is possible for us to have crossed eachother at some point
  9. by   firrehorse

    I got your response. Thanks.

    I will be in touch.
  10. by   Rmed4320
    Great looking forward to it!
  11. by   Mamisu
    Hello, congratulations to all of u accepted to start this fall!!! I got accepted to the program but on a stand-by list for this fall but if no spaces become available I'm definitely starting in the spring . I wonder how that works out, what chances do I have of spaces becoming available???
  12. by   firrehorse
    Hi Mamisu,I'm not sure but I would think there is a chance you get this semester. You have to consider that things happen and people end up not being able to attend. Also, some students apply to other schools and are waiting to see if they get accepted to another program. So some sits may very well become available
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  13. by   laurelave
    I just graduated chairty and passed the nclex. I promise you that going downtown is not scary and there are always a ton of people around. The only thing I didn't like was the parking situation (best to park at the Church for $3). I was never bothered by anyone. I am selling some nclex prep books (they are great for learning how to answer test questions at charity) if anyone is interested. I listed them on craigslist under books. Good luck!