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Hello everyone, I will be attending Charity School of Nursing in the Fall of 2004 for my first of 4 semesters. Anyone else going to Charity? Alitia... Read More

  1. by   jemommyRN
    I am attending the evening program this fall and when I went to the student advisement session, the advisor wanted us to know that we are an extension of the day program. She said that everything is the same and nothing is different. However, I heard from a good friend who attended the evening program this past semester, it may be better to attend during the day only because they get to bathe the patients. by the time the evening class comes in, the bathes are already finished. I think that if you are in the evening you could go in early (on your own time to get more experience if you need it). Also, the evening program does not have a "best clinical student of the semester" award as the day program does. But, maybe that just has to be incorporated into the curriculum and just hasn't been yet. Other than that, I've heard that everything else is the same, the test are equally hard and the curriculum is just as challenging. I think that if I go in the evening, I'll have much more study time and it is more convenient for me. I think that by the time you all get to the evening program the quirks will be all ironed out. Keep in touch with me throughout the semester (even though i probably won't be on here much) so that I can let you know what's up with the evening program. Keep in mind that whatever program you choose, you must stick with that one the whole two years.
  2. by   kiki2050
    [font=Comic Sans MS]Hey guys, I have recently graduated from Charity in May 04 and saw you all had tons of questions about the program. If I can help, please let me know. I will check back later..... A few things that I can say - you have to have the determination to stick with it, be ready for sleepless nights, family will be important when turning for help and support, gettomg A's and B's doesn't matter too much anymore when all you need is a 77C (As they say 77=RN).[font=Comic Sans MS] Good luck to everyone!!!
  3. by   Nurse Alissa
    Its sooooo good to hear from someone who has graduated! How is the program done? Like what days are classes and clinicals? I live on the northshore and want to do mine at Lakeview. Supposivly I will know if I got in by the end of Dec, but that seems very far away! Any kind of info you could give would be GREAT!!
  4. by   kiki2050
    In the beginning you have classes on Monday and Fridays from like 8-12 or so. At least that is how I did it. We had both Basics and Pharm. Then clinicals were every other week, two days a week. I did my first rotation at Lakeview. It is the sub-acute unit. It's not the one that is off the interstate on your way to the Causeway. That semester you learn "basics" - how to take vital signs and what to look for in a normal assessment. The next semester is called NAC1 (nack1). It goes more into the pathophysiology of every disease. Here class is either on Mondays or Fridays (depending on your section number) and clinical is every week, two days a week. If they still do it the same you go to one hospital for eight weeks and then rotate to a different teacher and different hospital for the last eight weeks. I hope this gives some info. I can let you know more if you want. Just ask away! I would be happy to offer any help. I do know that having the Covington rotation at first was a big help on clinical days (I lived in Slidell).
  5. by   jemommyRN
    What are some study tips that you have to conquer this type of material?
  6. by   kiki2050
    honestly, i really encourage reading it everyday, staying on top of things. i know there were a few times when i didn't do anything for school for a couple days and then regretted it later when i was trying to study for the test. it really does help to at least look at something (even for a half hour) everyday. i also would take the time sometimes and make flash cards on index cards. there are a lot of numbers and values to remember and i found that if you write them you already commit them to memory. then look at them every day or so. i would even bring them with me in the care because i knew i was sitting in traffic all the time. having a study buddy helped me. we would get together and compare notes and make sure we had everything together and then talk about the content to each other. if you can talk about what you are studying then you are learning it and will remember it. anything else just let me know. i hope this helps you some... good luck

  7. by   jemommyRN
    Thank you so much for your advice.
  8. by   Alitia M

    How are you doing? Are you in evening or day? We emailed back and forth a few months ago and I was just wondering how you are doing. I'm in the evening division.

  9. by   jemommyRN
    i'm in the evening too. What do you think about the "big test" we have on the 13th? Do you realize that it covers 15 chapters? I am getting together with my study group tomorrow because we need to. How have you been taking in the amount of material that they have been giving us lately? When do you take pharm? I take it on Thurs.
  10. by   Alitia M

    We are in the same class I have Pharm on Thurs too. I have been studying, but probably not enough. It really is a lot of info I guess we just have to take it one step at a time. Are you working? My name is Alitia I have blonde hair and sit in the front by the TV in Phram and in the back in Basic. I'm sure we have seen each other I go to Baptist with Mrs. Regerrio(sp) for clinicals. Good Luck to you and me both and that

  11. by   Nurse Alissa
    For those of you at Charity now, what are your schedules like? I thought clinicals were only on 1 day a week, but Ive been told thats changed. I should start classes next fall, unless I get early acceptance this spring. Can yall shed a little light on what 1st semester is like?
  12. by   Hopeful-RN-NOLA
    I called Charity today to find out when they will be sending the admission letters out and all they say is "December." Well, it is December! Has anyone received their letter yet for Fall 2005 class?
  13. by   sdzta
    Quote from Hopeful-RN-NOLA
    I called Charity today to find out when they will be sending the admission letters out and all they say is "December." Well, it is December! Has anyone received their letter yet for Fall 2005 class?
    I was wondering the same thing. i haven't heard anything, although i checked off fall or spring. Let me know if you hear anything!

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