Chairty fall 06 applicant--anyone else??

  1. I applied for charity for fall 2006. Since the hurricane I know everything is messed up, but I hope I can still have a chance at getting in for this coming fall. I called charity today and they said that they have to make a decision by January 23. So I just have to wait a few more weeks to see if I get in. I have been back and forth to charity since I returned home from atlanta. They lost my application and pax scores. I had to go fill another app out and bring a copy of my pax scores. Anyone one else hoping to get in fall 2006???
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  3. by   mspretti1
    I'm Spring of 06. I was told that because of hurricane Katrina I will not begin until April 06. Letters will go out at the end of Jan. At the present I'm in Lithonia,GA the choice to go back was a pretty easy one,only because I have so much to give back to the citizens of New Orleans. Hopefully we'll meet up in nursing school. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   Cmunst45636
    I also was in GA for a month. I came home in OCtober. I was also told that letters for the fall will come out at the end of January. I thought people who start in April already knew if they were accepted then or not. Everything is just a mess. I am just trying to get transcripts sent there by Friday. I was told if they dont get their for friday, I wont be even considered. There were sent a while ago, the mail down here is just messed up! Well good luck to you!!
  5. by   mspretti1
    Yes the mail in N.O. is screwed up! What part of N.O. are you from? I'm from New Orleans east. The storm screwed over alot of us. I was to begin Jan 06 but as you already know we were pushed back so the senior can continue their program. Well I was recently in N.O. taking advantage of the intersession they offered for the students that were inrolled before the storm came and I was at Charity every day making sure they had all needed paper work. I was told that alot of the mail was misplaced due to Katrina/Rita. My sister and cousin are both awaiting notification for Fall 06. They were told that their documents were misplaced and had a deadline to get necessary paper work in or their file will not go in front of the committee board. If I were you I would go up their everyday it really worked for me. Talk with Ms. Galvin, she should be of some help to you. At the present Charity has zero nursing advisors. I pretty much know what you need in order to be considered. Feel free to contact me if I could be of any further help. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
  6. by   Cmunst45636
    I have gone up there so many times and talked to ms. Galvin. They first lost my application. So I went there and filled out another one. Since I brought my course descriptions of the coursesI took somewhere else this past semester. Then my transcripts were supposed to get there in time. I was told they need to be there by friday to be considered for fall 06. (or what ever class they have space in. I really hope I can get into the fall 06 class. I took both math courses I got an A in one and a B in the other. I got a B in both A&P I and A&PII. I also got an A in psych. I took the pax and got a 121. My overall GPA is about a 3.2 i think. Do I even have a chance??? I have been working hard to get everything I need and do well. I got the schools I went to to send my transcripts today over night. There are suppose to arrive at charity tom. To on tuesday I am planning on going down to charity tomroow afternoon around 2:30 and seeing if they arrived, and make sure they get put in my file. Please let me know how hard it was for you to get in. Thanks!
    O yeah, I am from metairie really close to causeway. WE only got 2 feet of water but our whole house is guttted because of the mold.
  7. by   mspretti1
    If I were you I would not wait until 2:30 to go up there only because if the school responsible for getting your documents to charity dont come through you have time to get in contact w/them. Why not bring an unofficial transcript to them proving you've completed those classes? THEY NEED PROOF!!!!!!!!! Maybe you can request April 06 only because a good bit of students may not return. You need to stay on them. They've lost a good bit of their staff to the storm due to the downsizing and mainly lack of housing. I would also consider taking micro and any fine art electives left over in Jan if you haven't already. Myself on the other hand bothered those people like crazy!I scored a 147 on PAX, completed all classes w/the exception of anatomy 2 lect/micro which I've scheduled for Jan online. I began at Delgado Jan 04 w/o sitting out any semesters. I took my PAX March 05,results were in maybe April 05,and accepted May 05 if I'm not mistaken.I know you'll get in ! If you need anything else email me. Good luck.
  8. by   Cmunst45636
    What would I need done to even been considered early for the April class. Did you schedule your classes already for april?? or did they not do that yet?? I thought that class would already be full of people
  9. by   mspretti1
    Go speak w/Ms Galvin and request April.No we have not scheduled classes for Charity yet. I did register @ Delgado for online classes until school begins in April @ Charity which is AP 2 Lec/Micro.We'll receive letters for Aprils class at the end of this month.Their behind in everything.I was told in the beginning of Feb we'll decide if we want to enter Aprils class or Aug. Also we'll do backdchecks /fingerpriniting at that time. How did you make out today?
  10. by   Cmunst45636
    One of my transcripts got there . So that is good. The other should have got their either this evening or tom. at the latest. Dont you like have to get shots done and all before you can start??? Should I just go request April anyway?? I thought you could only do that if you had shots done and all. I am taking micro this semester and two electives. If i could get in for april though, would drop the elective and take them in the summer. I dont know if there is even a chance of me getting in for april. I was told that they will send out letters at the end of this month for the fall. So if I originally applied for Fall I dont know even I will be considered for April. I am just wondering if I got in there tom. and request to be considered for April, if she is just gonna be like um no because You were originally applying for Fall. But I might type up a letter and request it anyway!
  11. by   mspretti1
    Yes you will need your shots but you still have time.You can take your 1st hep shot now your 2nd hep shot 3 months later and your final hep 6months from the 1st if i'm not mistaken. You'll be able to prove to them that you've begun the series which is not going to be a problem. Your TB skin test is required yearly. Your main concern should be your CPR license that is easy to obtain. I have the # of Miss. Mary,she's responsible for mostly all the students @ Charity as far as CPR license are concerned. I don't think you should drop your classes only because you'll have a month left to finish. Remember school begins @ Delgado Jan 14-May? Charity will begin April-August. You'll do fine w/that 1 month b/w both schools. My thing is just do it and get it over with.
  12. by   Cmunst45636
    So I cant start taking the shots and still start in April?? What is the number for the cpr class and who is she?? Also what hepa. shots do you need and how recent do they need to be?? Thats true that I would not need to drop my classes. You think I would be able to start early??
  13. by   mspretti1
    Did you receive the email I sent you with the # for (CPR) Mrs.Mary? Have you heard anything from Charity? Did they receive your transcripts? I also know a place where you can go to take those needed shots. Well take it easy.
  14. by   Cmunst45636
    yes i just emailed you. If you can check you email. It took me long to write back because I havent checked my email in a long time! I have all my shots!