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I applied for charity for fall 2006. Since the hurricane I know everything is messed up, but I hope I can still have a chance at getting in for this coming fall. I called charity today and they... Read More

    Me too...
    I was scheduled to see her yesterday morning but she called and canceled. I have an appt with her on Friday. What time is your appt?
  2. by   Cmunst45636
    My appt is also on Friday but with Ms. Leefe.
    Hey there,

    How are you exams going? I have on on Thur and one on Sat.(which was an online class-I can't believe how hard the online class has been)
  4. by   Cmunst45636
    Well i got my micro exam thurday. I am studying right now actually. I dont think it will be too bad. MY online class was so easy but it was medical terminology. I have to take my final though I think i have till the end of the week to take it, but im gonna do it tom. Well goodluck on your exams!!!
  5. by   smiacsiczesto
    My appt w/Ms Batchen is at 10am on Friday. Is yours at the same time? She said something about me being able to meet other students, so I have a feeling she's putting all of us at that time...which isn't cool if so.

    It'll be nice to meet some other students though.
    Yes, 10 am..Hope this is not going to be a "cattle call". I was hoping to be in and out- Got to get to work.. did she say how long it was gonna take? Yes it will be nice to meet others. Where are you gonna park? Any ideas?
  7. by   smiacsiczesto
    Grrr. I hope there's not ALOT of us at 10am. I'm guessing she's putting all of her Monday appts on Friday @ 10am.

    She never said how long it would take.

    When I went down there in January, I parked on the street at a meter(that was very flooded and not working) I don't know where I'll park. I'll bring a few bucks just incase though.

    What's your name? My name is Kat(Katherine). I look forward to meeting you
  8. by   bbygrl02
    Hi everyone, I will be attending charity in august 06 for the evening division. Is anyone else going in the evening? Does anyone know what the student to student on August 2, is about? Is it mandatory? I am still trying to figure out how I am going to be to work and go to school.:uhoh21:
  9. by   Ang1021
    Hey Everyone! Has anyone heard when we can apply for student loans to get us through this?!!
  10. by   Cmunst45636
    How is everyone doing now that the spring semester is over?? I just went and got my fingerprints done today . I need to get those money orders though by Friday!
  11. by   mrssmart
    i will be attending csn in aug 06 evening division. i am nervous and excited just can wait to begin school. i do not plan to work while in schools because the job i currently work is in slidell and the hours are conflicting. The gas will is just to high to be traveling from slidell to downton.
  12. by   bbygrl02
    I am happy the semester is finally over.:hatparty: I am ready to begin the Fall 06 semester....I am anxious, scared of the unknown I guess. I have finished all of the pre entrance things except my 3rd hepatitis shot. Does anyone know when the schedule for Fall 06 will be posted?...all of the classes that are posted now are closed. Has anyone applied for financial aid for the fall?
  13. by   smiacsiczesto
    I need to get those things done too! I did the deal. All this freakin' money we have to shell out, geeeez!

    Where'd you get your fingerprints at?