BRCC 2018

  1. Hi, I'm just looking to connect with fellow prospects for BRCC's Fall 18 or Spring 19 semester. I plan on applying in the Spring for the Fall semester. I would love to connect and discuss concerns and swap information with peers in the same position as me. Thanks!
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  3. by   Nator11
    I am also going to brcc
  4. by   Nurse2Be20
    Hi, are you applying to the program or in the program already?
  5. by   Nator11
  6. by   littlebit__
    I'm currently in the program, and I'd love to answer any questions
  7. by   Badiliamelia21
    Hey @littlebit_ Do you know anything about BRCC's LPN to RN application process ?

    I applied for the traditional RN program a few years ago and know from that experience, BRCC is big on taking there own students. I have an associates degree from another community college ( Associates GS Science degree) and my LPN diploma from the same CC. I was wondering if BRCC's LPN to RN is maybe not as strict in mainly accepting there own students. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.
  8. by   littlebit__
    They are :/ they prioritize with their own students first. But that doesn't mean you won't get in. I would definitely try!!! You never know. I'm in class with a few people who had awesome test scores and gpas that got in without brcc being their home school !
  9. by   gloriawhs1
    Hi. I am a new student to BRCC. I am also applying to the program in the spring semester. I have read this forum for the past year or so. I liked how everyone was always so supportive and stayed connected and knew that I would join when the time came. I have taken two courses at BRCC and will be taking my third when I apply. I too, like many before me, am a little worried about the Hesi exam.
  10. by   gloriawhs1
    I remembered reading your post for last year and recalled that you were number two on the list. If you don't mind me asking, how did you get in? Did two people drop out? I'm just wondering in case I end up on the list. But I see that there is still hope. Congratulations for getting in. I hope all your classes are going well.
  11. by   littlebit__
    Yes! Lots of people lose their spots!!! So don't get discouraged if you're waitlisted & in the top ten. Just study hard for the HESI and prepare ahead of time. You'll do fine! Don't stress over it. You'll freak yourself out it's not that bad! & thank you!! I'll keep each of you in my thoughts & prayers!!
  12. by   gloriawhs1
    Thank you so much. I appreciate the reply and the prayers.
  13. by   ttanoos
    Hey @littlebit_ would you have an recommendations for an easy humanities course to take?? and could you give me some advice on the a&p 1 course at brcc if you took it there? Super nervous about it! thank you!!
  14. by   littlebit__
    I took hist 101 ! Super easy, email me for more in detail. They delete comments with names included. So I can't really tell you who I took Bc they'll delete it.
    I'll also respond with the a&p advice