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First, hi!! :) Happy Wednesday!

I have a million questions/statements/etc

Background: I graduated with a BS in Poultry Science (I know, weird right?) with a minor in Animal Science, worked as a forensic chemist for 6 months and then joined the Peace Corps. I lived with a family for 2 years on a small island in the Philippines. My host mom is a labor and delivery nurse and also teaches classes at the university. I would help her grade papers and watch the videos she would show for her classes. (I think she wanted to shock me but it never worked) I would ask a lot of questions and because of my heavy science background she kept trying to get me to go into nursing but I was hesitant. Though now I'm beginning to see what she already saw in me.

So I come to y'all with questions (yes I'm a Southern girl :)):

RN vs BSN?

-I have a nurse friend in CA that told me I could go to Harvard if I wished and wanted to pay for the name but once I take the NCLEX it doesn't matter. Is there truth to that?

4 year institution vs community college?

-I still have loans from my first go round at schooling so community college looks more appealing to me

What is the job situation really like? Is there growth expected?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Glad to see frost on the ground! Bring on the snow! :)

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You probably have all of your prereqs if you have a BS. There is no reason not to get a BSN. You can do it as faster or faster than and ASN. Look at Regis, UNC, UCSHC, CUCS, Metro State and CU Pueblo.

BSN new graduate RNs are more employable in this economy than ASN RNs. That said, the job market is awful for any new grad RN.

thanks for your response! I've talked with a few friends who are nurses and they basically said the same thing. Since I live in Boulder, Pueblo would be quite the commute. :) Definitely going to look at CU Denver, Metro State, and possibly Regis...although I hear it's crazy expensive!

Regis is more expensive than CU and Metro, but it's also shorter. So you have five less months of not working, which more than makes up the tuition difference.

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You cant get any job r/t your BS? IMHO CO (and probably the rest of the U.S) is graduating far more nsg students than are being absorbed by hospitals and now the ltc's are filling up. I doubt things will change for at least 5 yrs. financially you are probably better off finding a job w/your other degree.

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