Lotrimin Spray and EtG Testing


Hey there! Been a reader on this site for a while, but this is my first post. I'm in the Mississippi Board of Nursing Compliance program, and have regular drug tests. Every now and then, I am tested for the "expensive" one that I assume tests for ETG. Well... I did something dumb. I didn't look carefully enough at the ingredients on Lotrimin Spray that was used on my downstairs area for two days, and sure enough it contains SD alcohol 40-B (8% v/v). I should have known by the way it burned when sprayed. Well, I took an "expensive" test today, and didn't even think about the Lotrimin Spray until after the test. Now I'm worrying myself sick over it. Anyone have any words of wisdom and/or encouragement? I feel fairly confident that everything is going to be okay, but geeeeeeez. I'm just so ready for these last 18 months to be over so I don't have to obsess over "incidental exposure."


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Ugh I hate that this program makes us so paranoid! I read somewhere, unfortunately I don't recall where, that there are lots of other forms of alcohol in products like cosmetics and skin care, and they do not show up on etoh tests. Specifically I think I read about cetyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol, and it basically said if the label doesn't say ethanol or ethyl alcohol, then you're ok.

Yeah there is a dizzying array of stuff that has hidden alcohol and will cause false positives. It lends to the paranoia, anxiety and depression that goes along with these programs. I hope everything works out for you. My very best wishes!!!


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Well... just in case anyone is having EtG testing and needs to use Lotrimin on nether regions, my test resulted negative. Took one for the team... you're welcome :)

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I would suppose it might depend on how long it had been since the exposure occurred. Sort of like the unholy fright we all have that Purel gets on the lab specimen container or that it somehow gets mishandled. I guess that's why those are done with a split thing. Supposedly rules out the drinking alcohol as opposed to stuff like this, right? Doesn't mean we don't rightfully lose it when we discover a potential exposure that risks starting this roller coaster to **** all over again, for no reason.

Just for general reference, is there any kind of ‘downstairs' type thing that doesn't involve an alcohol propellant? If not, im sure you could clear it with your case manager who would be happy to be informed about Every. Single. Time. you had a yeast infection........

I'm glad it worked out. It stinks that we have to be so paranoid over perfectly innocent body care products.