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mangagment terminated my receptionist today reason was some one saw her watching tv on the computer, no she should not have been doing this during office hours but she was a darn good receptionist, got her work done had my pt's in and ready to be seen called me if i had a walk in she would watch tv in between pts coming to the desk and did not do this if someone was at the desk, she is also having health problems and am wondering if this could have contributed to her dismisal, no one asked me if she was a problem no she was wonderful i think they should have just given her a warning, but now they are saying no one will have access to internet use mine to use up to date, eporates and check guidlines

Other staff have used the internet for various things personal but nothing said to them evidently one of the higher ups was in and saw this happen and next thing i knew i no longer have my receptionist just had to vent I miss her and want her back but it will not happen

Hope you have her contact info so you can offer to be a reference should she need one.

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That was a really heavy-handed response to one incident! Not seeing how that would be all that much different from a receptionist reading People magazine, except that a TV show on a full size screen is more obvious to patients.

I'd lay odds there are undercurrents to the story related to the dark realm of office politics. I'm sure you already know this, but having been through this before, talking in glowing terms about the departed might net you a healthy serving of passive-aggresive payback. Best to keep provider/office staff in peaceful co-existence.

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