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Hello everyone I recently joined this site about a month ago and find it to be very interesting... I just recently received a letter stating that I will not be accepted for the fall semester.. I had a meeting with the head lady and she said that there is a strong possibility that I might not be accepted for spring either. Well I don't just want to sit around waiting so I have decided to start applying for other schools to see if there is a guarantee that I am accepted, but I just don't know I need help in doing that.. Also tears told me that I could apply for ASN program and be accepted automatically but I have dedicated 3 years towards my BSN.. I need some type of help because nursing is something I really want to do and i will not accept no for an answer.. Please can someone jus help me!!!!! Thanks

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I felt the exact same way a couple of years ago. I had applied to 4 schools for my BSN and got rejected. I didn't want to go the ADN route because I have been in college since 2005, so it felt like I was going backward. I'm about to get my BS in Natural Science, hoping I can take the Accelerated BSN path, but I am also applying to ADN and diploma programs too. I'm leaving no stone unturned because I REALLY want to become a nurse. If I only get accepted into diploma or ADN, then I'll find an RN to BSN or MSN bridge program. I'm going to keep at it until I get what I want. So my advice to you is apply to everywhere you can. I know it's a pain, but I think then you will have some options if you get into any.

Good luck!

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Did the head of the department give you any specifics as to why (grades, entrance exam, etc)? If so, are those things you can work on? If not, can you contact her for more details? If an ASN/ADN program is available near you, please don't discount it. You will be ahead if you have your prerequisites done and when you're done, you may have less classes to take in an RN to BSN or MSN transition. Good luck!

I am getting ready to enter into my program in a couple of weeks, and if it weren't for Student Support Services at school, I might have been lost. See if there is any sort of a career counselor type program at your school. A lot of times they can point you in the right direction.

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