losing my mind with first nursing diagnosis

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we haven't even had a lecture on nursing diagnosis yet, except to hear "patient problems are nursing diagnosis"

After clinical this week we need to write and prioritize 5 nursing diagnosis based upon abnormal data in our FHP.

Here are my questions.

does it make sense to go category by category on the diagnosis list at the front of Doenges and look up anything that looks close?

for our r/t and aeb, should we be using the phrasing in doenges or should we be making the diagnosis specific to our patient/situation?

ex: patient with crohn's is on TPN. i know this often effects blood glucose, even in non-diabetic pts.

should it be:

risk for unstable blood glucose level r/t dietary intake


risk for unstable blood glucose level r/t TPN

Can you have multiple aebs, for example:

adult failure to thrive r/t depression aeb verbalized desire for death, inadequate nutritional intake, frequent exacerbations of chronic health problems

Thanks in advance!

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wow Im surprised that they haven't lectured on that yet.... Im not much help as my first care plan isn't due until Friday and I JUST had my very first patient this morning :eek: but my instructor gave us a sample careplan... It has examples for every part of it so if you don't already have one, I'd suggest searching for one. I think it'll be super helpful for me; but like I said today was my first clinical and tomorrow's my second PLUS a Unit Exam for lecture tomorrow so thats what Im focusing on right now! Good Luck:yeah:

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