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Losing Hope Need Advice

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For the laast three years I have lived and breathed nursing, its all I think about. i am finished with prereqs finally. I just transferred to a university from a community college very excited to apply to their nursing program. I had an important meeting with the director of the program and she basically told me my math grades were too low to qualify for admission. I was immediately heartbroken but then I asked her if nursing was a realistic goal for me based on my math scores,once again she said no. She said basically no school would accept me, my scores were too low and competiton is too high. I tried Tenn Tech but got rejected twice because my math scores were one point off, one freaking point! My question is what do I do now? I have to become a nurse there is nothing else I want more in life I need this. What do I do? What career goal could I reach for that would be close to my dream career? ANY ADVICE WOULD BE APPRECIATED!


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What are your "math scores" exactly? Is this the math portion of an entrance test? Math classes you have poor grades in? If it's a class/classes, you can retake it/them and do better. Some schools won't replace your poor grade in a class with a better one, but most of them will at least look at your new grade and see that you've proven you can do it, which will probably get you somewhere better than where you are now. If it's an entrance test, are you only allowed that one attempt? Can you get some tutoring and try again and apply with your new math scores? Surely there should be some option to prove you CAN do better at math (and you CAN!!!) :)

If this one school won't let you retake your math portion of a test or math classes, find one that will, and then do awesome!

Thanx for the encouragement! The cutoff for tenn tech is 50 i got 49 twice, totally sucks right. As for retaking the classes i have and i passed, but the director said nursing schools look at how many times u have taken the class all together she said if u repeat a course too many times u are not an "ideal candidate". And tutoring, they know me by name. I am a writer I killed my essays , passed all the English portions of the entrance test with flying colors , math is my enemy.


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Yeah, that 1 point is killer. I totally feel your pain on that. But can you try again? Girl if this is your dream you CAN do it! Math sucks, but it's just math. It will click eventually. I know it's sometimes hard for the writer/creative type people to get in the right thought process and study modes for math, but it totally is possible.

So what if you're not an "ideal candidate" - do it and prove to them in other ways that you're a more than ideal candidate! *Lots* of people get into nursing programs with weak areas, and many overcome them and make fantastic nurses. That's pretty awful that the program director told you you don't have a chance. Of course you have a chance. Take the darn test again and apply again!

Have you taken many/any of your science requirements? How do you do with chem and a&p and stuff like that? If you can rock those courses, that will look awesome and maybe overshadow a little weakness in math.

A and P I and II aced them, Micro I got a b ,Stat I dropped due to a failing midterm prognosis. I thought that was best rather than fail. I feel like I will be a student forever. I have another question do u know if I could get a job in a hospital with only prereqs to back me up? I am willing to do anything I just wanna be in that enviroment. I think that will boost my spirits.


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I work in a hospital, and I got my job with no healthcare experience at all. I hadn't even decided I wanted to go to nursing school yet. It'll really depend on the job market in your area, but I know in my area you can get a job doing patient care without experience or a degree. I started as a nurse aide, my hospital does a nurse aide training program where they put us through a CNA course and we do all our training/clinicals in the hospital, and then "owe" them 6 months of work in exchange for the paid training - but I wanted a job anyway, so it was win-win. I did that for a year, then cross-trained as a monitor tech, then transfered to the cardiology department as a CV Tech. I love it. Definitely look at job openings at healthcare facilities in your area. If there are no jobs or you have a hard time getting one, see if you can volunteer! That's an excellent way to get experience, help out, and make yourself marketable for future healthcare jobs. :)

I recommend you give stats another try, maybe taking it as your only class for a semester so you can focus on it 100%, and just drill drill drill until you can do the problems in your sleep. Showing up with an 'A' on you application in stats will definitely make you more of an 'ideal candidate,' in spite of your other math weaknesses.

Look for another school that has easier math requirements. My school doesn't even require a math class (ADN). You do have to pass remedial math with a C if you don't place out of it. There is a math portion on the HESI and you have to pass with a 70, but it's just fractions, conversion, and military time. If you study, it's super easy. I'm not the best in math and I made 100 (only because I studied). They don't care how many times you take a class either. It's a straight point system. Not all colleges are the same so don't lose hope.

Another option is to look at the lvn and rn bridge program. They might be a little more lenient when you are doing a bridge. I know it's tempting to go right for your bsn. I wanted to do the same since I have all my prereqs done for it, but the adn fit me so much better for other reasons.

I think what you can do is try to get an ASN in a community college and go from there, I think community college's requierements are less than a 4 year college, good luck

i would deffinitly try for a community college !! its the same RN at the end isnt it?!

i am in orlando, fl and the school i just applied (valencia community college) at is one of the best programs in the state and is even prefered over UCF's and UF's Nursing Program. 75% minimum on the TEAS...complete ur pre-req's and your in. Garentted a seat . no "and's, if's or but's" about it . I dont understand why some schools contribute to the nursing shortage by making getting into nursing school a downright nightmare. Common now, we wanna be nurses!!!:lol2: and honestly, if you play your cards the right way there really is no diffrernce in a 2 year program then there is in the 4 yr programs . A good friend of mine works in the ped's unit at a local hospital as a unit secretary and she just got offered an RN postion (she graduates in may from NS) with the SAME starting pay as a coworker who graduated 2 years ago with a bachleors in nursing from UF ....go after your dream girl and dont let ANYBODY stop you :o)

Hey csmacklin,

I know how you feel math was my weakest subject; it has been my whole life. I was pulling out my hair trying to figure out what to do. The best resource I found was a book titled Pass the Net the First time by Dr. Nancy Kimmel. The math section really helped me to pass the test. My buddy told me that there are also PDF files available for the individual sections, including Math on Ebay. Hope this helps.

thank u guys for the support and encouragement! i will take all the advice to heart and not give up on my dream. i dont understand why getting into a nursing program is so hard considering the shortage of nurses in this country. i wont stop trying though thanx again!:loveya:


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