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Looking to Transfer mid-ADN Program (from Florida!)

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Hello all!

I have been accepted into the A.D.N. program at Indian River State College (Ft. Pierce, FL) to start this fall. I believe this would be considered a block style program? We have one core class - Nursing Concepts 1,2,3 & 4, - worth 11-12 credits every semester. I start this fall.

Due to a rather interesting personal situation, I may be looking to transfer after my first year at the end of next spring. I would be one year/halfway through the program. Does anyone know of a good A.D.N. program in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that would accept transfers? My GPA is good, 3.72 and I already have one Associate's Degree and my EMT cert. All of my "extra" classes have been completed (A&P, Chemistry, Microbiology for Health Majors, etc...).

I appreciate the thoughts and input!

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Don't count on being able to transfer ANY clinical courses. There is absolutely no standardization in nursing programs, so clinical courses are not interchangeable for equivalent credit in another program. If your pre-requisites are from a school with regional accreditation, they will be accepted at a new school. You'd be much better off just staying where you are to complete your program before moving.

BTW, most hospitals in the DFW area only hire BSN nurses, so be prepared to look for work in a non-acute setting after you relocate.