Looking for scholarships or programs that aid male students in nursing?

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Hi everyone!

I'm a brand new face in the world of nursing--I just declared it my major in college after spending my first two years in business (which eventually drove me nuts. Nothing personal to you business-types.). Anyways, long story short, after a lot of pondering and searching, my heart led me to nursing. And now I get to start my college career over!

Now I'm told that there's a pretty healthy demand out there for male nurses in this world, and there are some very generous programs that help male nursing students out immensely through college...particularly in the money aspect. Money is something that is always fairly tight for us college-types, so I'm wondering if anybody has information on these programs I keep hearing about? I've been searching the web but so far haven't found anything. I'd greatly appreciate any information you might have in regards to where I can learn more about these male nursing aid programs. Thanks in advance. :)

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First of all welcome to the board here. You will find a lot of positive feedback and help. I love it here.

As far as a male nursing scholarship or program I have never heard of one. Nurses are in demand in general, male or female they dont care! Talk to some of the male nursing students at your school and see if they know about anything like that.

Have you filled out your FAFSA for Pell Grants and student loans......that is how most of us make it. Another option if you have no other way to pay for school is some hospitals will pay for your schooling in return that you sign a contract stating you will work for them X amount of years. I personally will not do that, but for some it may be an option. I think you have to actually be accepted into nursing school itself to do that though, which is hard enough in itself. Make sure you find out how bad (for lack of a better word...lol) the competition is at your school. Some places have waiting lists for a year or so. That might sound kinda discouraging but it is something you do need to find out so you can prepare for, know which classes to take, when, etc

Also see what financial aid type of help is right there at your school! If you have really good grades a lot of times your school should offer some type of aid for books and tuition.



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Welcome! Here is a link to the type of scholarship Marilyn is talking about. This years due date has passed, you can apply for next year, it's never too late. Also check with the school, they may have a local hospital run adopt a student nurse program like they do here.



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Never heard of a program to specifically aid male nursing students. Would that be like affirmative action? Sheesh.


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You mean something that treats men as a

minority ?!!

Even though we ARE a minority in this profession, I could never imagine any organization officially, overtly instituting a benefit available to men only. Perish the thought.

By the way, get used to being lumped into the group your instructors will refer to as "ladies.":)

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