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Back when I was on here a bunch, I remember there being a job posting/heads up sub-category. I don't see that anymore, so I'll post this here. I'm looking for the right fit to be my partner. Hospital employee. Incredibly light schedule with incredibly light callback. This is a solo position, so you must have some years of non-supervised, completely autonomous experience, and possess the confidence that you can handle the occasional disaster that rolls into the ED for stabilization and maintenance until the chopper arrives. It is a solo position, and if you can handle it, you know it. Must be confident but kind and chilled...the caseload is such that we don't get in a hurry...we don't need to. The OR crew is a tight-nit team and we respect each other and enjoy our time together...in short, we have fun doing the work we love. Job is 26 weeks/year, and we want someone to become part of and commit to this community. That said, I am extremely flexible and can work any base schedule (week/on week/off...three weeks on/three weeks off...etc. I like doing locums to augment the pay here (which is excellent), so I will appreciate someone who is willing to do longer stints from time to time...especially in the Summer months. In return, you will have the same long stints off yourself. This is a gem of a job in an awesome, rural town, and you will absolutely have the flexibility in scheduling to take long vacations to do the things you've always wanted but could not get the continuous time off to do. In addition to the weeks off, your weeks on will afford you more time at home with your family than any other job I've seen in my career. If you have the experience and are up to the challenges of solo practice and the above sounds good to you, please PM me here (if that is possible) or respond with a contact number or email addy. Thanks.



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What State is the job located in? Thanks