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Hello, everyone!

I just joined today, and have been enjoying reading through the posts.

I am a RN living in NY. I graduated nursing school in 1998, and began working in a very busy hospital. It was a med/surg floor. I worked at another busy hospital after that, also med/surg. Finally in 2001, I got a job as a medical case manager for an insurance company, and obtained my CCM as well. I worked there for almost 4 years. Then my son was born, very prematurely and very sick. I left work to become a SAHM. Now, my children are 3 and 5. I've been home now for 5 years, and I'd really love to go back to nursing, per diem. I was thinking every other weekend or something like that. I have kept my license current. I can't seem to find any RN refresher classes around here! Do you think any hospitals would hire me, even without a refresher?? A few days ago, I sent in a resume to a smaller hospital nearby, but haven't heard back yet.

Tina :)

Due to the influx of new grads, & experienced nurses who are not leaving their current positions. If you are not called soon for an interview than take a refresher course depending on what area your from the job market is not ideal right now, see what happens.

5 years is not a long time and you had some great experience. Have you tried a local nursing home? They maybe move flexible and needy.

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