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Hi I am trying to find a school nearby for me to start nursing classes I live in Waynesboro,VA. I have a few big cities near by I'm just having trouble finding a school. Thxs for any help you might have. :)

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The one that came up for your town was Blue Ridge Community College. I don't know what cities are around you but I'm pretty sure most of them will have a community college or a system of them. Start there.

I have looked there it says RN takes like 2yrs but that didnt sound right I thought it took like 4 but I will look again thxs

I am guessing the 4 years was for your BSN. At the community college in my area it is 2 years, but that is for your associates not bachelors. There is a hospital in our area that offers a 4 year program, but that is for your bachelors or BSN. Hope that helps.


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You have to clarify are you going for a BSN or an ASN. As above poster stated, ASN takes 2 years to complete and 4 for the BSN, but if you've taken all the required courses, you many be done in less time.

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