Looking for preparation and study tips to prepare for NCLEX in a few months.

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I am 3 months away from completing my final semester in nursing school. I read everything my instructor assign. So far I have been able to pass my exams, but not with the accuracy that I would like. NCLEX style questions are difficult. Sometimes I am able to dissect the question, other times I cannot. My instructors keep saying you can figure out the answer if you do not know it by looking for key words in the question. Often times the key word I pick out is not the key word my instructors will pick out. It seems no matter how much time I study the material assigned, I am still stumped on several questions in the exams. What are some of the best NCLEX prep books you have found or programs that assist in helping you pass the exam. I would love to take NCLEX one time and pass it the first time, but sometimes my grade does not reflect my efforts. Any advice from those of you who have successfully completed the NCLEX license exam? Or those of you who are actively studying for the NCLEX? Thanks!

Hi Jenny

Where did you get instructor to prep NCLEX ?

I tried to find course prep to NCLEX but it's only 1 week . That won't be sufficient for that.

Please,tell me about your prep school.


Hi Madam N,

My prep school is a 2 year college ADN program with instruction courses and clinical settings in local hospitals. Is this what you are asking about? We were required to purchase an ATI study program. Thus far it has not been very helpful as practice questions and tests must be posted by the instructors. The instructors do not post practice tests very often. I'm hoping to find some form of study help in a book, maybe? I am very self-motivated and I do best studying alone, but I am looking to suggestions on books or programs so I can be successful on the NCLEX since it is right around the corner.

Hi Jennie

You'll be surprised. My situation is worse. I'm international nurse, the only courses i took from USA is OB,Psych and Nutrition. I waigly know how RNs work in USA. My 12 years hospital prsctice only from Russia. Plus English my second language. Right now I'm reading Saunders,Kaplan,seeing youtobe, and do tests Kaplan 2011 and Saunders 2008. My score unfortunatelly only 69%. I need help Am I right ?

Do I need to do some thing more ? Should I buy different sourses for prep to NCLEX ?

Hi Madam N,

I have heard of Kaplan and their 1 week instruction for the NCLEX exam. It is suppose to be good. Some of my classmates have bought the program. ATI is just like it, only ATI has a 3 day review course. The review course is online, not in a class setting like the Kaplan is. ATI claims 97% of the students who study with the ATI program pass the NCLEX the first try. I am hoping the ATI program will work for me. It was quite expensive to buy. I just haven't figured out how to use the ATI website. I have the Saunders book too. I like it because it explains how to read NCLEX questions.

I also have three other books I am using for study help. They are:

NCLEX-RN Review: 1,000 questions to help you pass by Patricia McLean Hoyson and Kimberly A. Serroka

NCLEX-RN Examination by Kathleen A. Ohman

Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN by Diane M. Billings

All 3 books come with CD's. The book by Diane M. Billings is my favorite because you can take different tests on the CD. All the books are on Amazon.com. I would start with just one of them. Maybe it would help you too. I don't think you can study too much for the NCLEX. It is such an important exam to pass!

It must be difficult with English as your second language. Just keep studying and practicing questions! You should be able to go up from 69% if you keep at it!

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