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Looking for opinions for pre-nursing student

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I have a bit of a game plan out for myself. Will be turning 24 in December. I want to be able to support myself and let my parents retire.

First and foremost, I chose nursing because it's such a complex, ever-growing, and necessary occupation. The variations of roles and challenges nurses have appeals to me. While my personal hobbies rest with entertainment, nothing pleases me to the core than directly making lives easier and better for people. My personal desire to go out of my way and help others isn't enough, I want it to make it my career.

I currently have an associates degree (General Studies) from CCRI and high school diploma. 2.94 GPA. No job and no experience (nothing but school). I plan to go to Rhode Island College to get my BSN then become an RN. My absolute aspiration is to become a CRNA, but I want to take this step-by-step. To begin, I want to use CNA as my gateway into healthcare and experience.

I have applied for free CNA training provided by state, which includes an internship in Rhode Island Hospital. I plan to attend CCRI alongside the CNA training this fall. At CCRI I will knock out my final two pre-requisites of the RIC nursing program and raise my GPA up to 3.0 for RI College's GPA requirement. Once I finish the courses, I want to transfer to RI College and head straight into BSN.

I have heard that doing ADN and becoming RN is cheaper--that employers may pay for BSN continued education. I am worried I will not be able to find a job with only ADN in Rhode Island, so if I can I want to head straight into BSN right away. I'm not afraid of taking out a loan, paying it myself, and scholarships. I was originally going to join the National Guard but I am afraid of the Red Phase.

I've been a lurker of allnurses until now. It has been interesting reading the opinions and stories posted by those here. Most of my impression of nursing comes from the Red Cross CNA Handbook i've been reading in my spare time, college websites, and nurse association sites (specifically the AANA).

Lay it on me, guys. What is your opinion of this situation i'm digging?

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I see its been some time since you posted, so Im curious how its going since I'm also facing a similar situation. I've been accepted into CCRI's ADN program this fall 2017. I've also been accepted into RIC as a general transfer student, and I've been pre-evaluated at transferring in 60 credits. My current GPA with all my credits is currently 3.8. I'd really like to go for the BSN program but Im worried about turning down a 2 year program and gambling on / competing (again!) for the highly competitive BSN program. Classes are filling up and I need to decide where to go this fall :/

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