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Looking for an online RN-MSN/NP in Psych


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I have a BA already and really, really, don't want to take the time or spend the money for a BSN. I'd like to do what the title says: Find an online RN to psychiatric nurse practitioner program.

I've only found one program, and it required IIRC Delaware or PA licensure, neither of which I have. Moving 700+ miles to live in those states isn't really an option, either.

Are there other programs that I'm just not finding that would fit my ideal world requirements?

What is the plausability of going MSN-informatics or whatnot then tacking the NP in psych onto it when the DNP changeover happens?

So, allnurses.com, make an important life decision for me! Or at least give me some input on where the heck I should be aiming my scattered thoughts. Thanks in advance :)

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drexel in pa has one. you have to have licensure somewhere in the area though (pa, nj, de, md, and i think va.) for clinicals, and you have to be at the school a couple of times a year. i am not sure where you are, but are there not any programs more local to you? i am limited with my ba in my area, many schools are requiring a bsn, as opposed to the ba. there are several schools here who will happily do a bridge program (for the low, low price of anywhere from 12 -18 credits before entering an msn...:o)

i saw a couple of other programs.... i just googled it, i think somewhere in alabama? then one in the midwest somewhere. it was a couple of years ago that i searched. one program that i was eligible for has now discontinued it though....

good luck, and if you find something let me know please.... always need a back up plan!

as for your other question, it seems as though that would be an awful lot of extra work....lol...


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Thanks ear, that was the one program I found also. Looks like I'll have to do the BSN to DNP route. I found lots of online programs for that particular path.

Hi, can you tell me about the BSN-DNP online programs you found?


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Vanderbilt in Nashville offers a distance program RN to MSN/Psych NP...but it is not entirely online. It requires a few visits to campus. You can read more about it her: http://www.nursing.vanderbilt.edu/msn/pmhnp.html

Good Luck with your goals!