Looking for a nursing school with these grades


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Hi everyone, i'm a former pre-nursing student at Pacific Lutheran and am looking for a place to call home for nursing school. I have worked full time as a CNA since june 2014 and will start to volunteer soon. My Grades are as follows:

Anatomy and Physiology 1: B+

Anatomy and Physiology 2: A-

Psychology 101: A

Psychology 320/200: A

Nutrition: A

English: A

Chemistry: B-

Stats: C+

Is there anywhere you know of I could get in with these grades? I know that i don't have enough points for shoreline because of stats and i tried to retake it in the fall but the teacher was 2 months late on replying. I tried to get into PLU's program during my time there but it was more than difficult to say the least.


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Most places require you to have Microbiology now. But the schools I got accepted into were Pierce and Shoreline. I would look at Centralia, Highline, Tacoma, South Puget Sound. Most of those besides Shoreline require an entrance test. They are intimidating but I would just apply to all of those places and see what your odds are. Good luck :)


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That they said about Microbiology. If you plan on taking it and also think you will do well with the TEAS, then you could apply to the Mount Vernon Campus of Skagit Valley College. They also have dorms if the commute is a potential problem. The operate on a points system. You can look at their website for more information but the basic break down is:

40 points for 3.0 or higher GPA (each in Sciences and overall)

40 points TIMES your score from TEAS (So if you made a 75% then you would get 30 points, 32 for 80% 36 points for 90% etc)

20 points total for prior experience (all 20 for having a CNA license, 15 for maxing out work hours, and 10 for maxing out volunteer hours-Only one category applies so the only way to get all 20 points is by having you CNA license)


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Have you checked with everett cc? They are based on TEAS test. Need micro for many, but have you added up what your points would be for shoreline with your work experience AND volunteering? Those points may help make up for the C in stats.


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Bellevue bases admission on the TEAS,but you will need micro. As long as each class is over 2.0 and your cum. GPA is 3.0 you will meet the requirements. I do know that you will need a high TEAS score to get in, as there are a lot of people who apply and they take the top...the minimum requirement will not get you in. Here is the info:

Transcripts & General Education Course Requirement :: Nursing