Looking for nursing programs in NYC area. Beth Israel? City Tech? etc... HELP!



I am currently a student at BMCC. As some of you may know about the cuny system and BMCC, i have taken my pre reqs but did bad on my math class (i got a b) because of a terrible experience with my professor! I have decided to look into other programs because well, at bmcc 1 out of 25 students gets into their program so i am really just preparing myself for the worst. I am so stressed because I feel like my time is running out. I am interested in knowing of other nursing programs???? More so interested in the different pre reqs for each program so I can start looking into taking those classes at bmcc and transfering as soon as possible! what programs are you guys in? I just need a sense of direction I guess ... i'm so stuck :confused: THANKS GUYS!!!


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City Tech will let you replace one of your prereqs with another class if you need it grade wise. Or at least it did when I applied in 07.

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Beth Israel requires the usual pre reqs. A&p 1 & 2, micro, general psych, developmental psych, writing, nutrition, sociology. All of which are given by the school through pace university. You can klep out of some of these and if you took some of these previously they may transfer over. Good luck.