Looking for nurses to help me with my research project!


Hi! I'm a student assigned to do a research project on a certain profession, and I chose to look at nursing. I am required to conduct interviews with real nurses and/or current nursing students. Would anyone here be willing to answer just a couple questions I have about the world of nursing?

Thank you!

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Yes, what do you need?


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Hi! If you are still interested in being interviewed, would you mind giving me your email address? I can't seem to figure out private messaging on this site. :[

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for what it's worth, your teacher wants you to interview real people, and that means face-to-face, because that too is a skill s/he hopes you to begin to learn. also, you have no idea who the people you are "talking" with online are who they say they are.

you can find real, live nurses in your community easily-- at physician offices, midwifery centers, visiting nursing agencies, hospices, school nurses, public health departments, and of course hospitals. call the nearest hospital and ask to speak to the staff development nurse, who can get you in the door.

good luck!


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I have done a number of in person interviews, but I am also supposed to go beyond my geographical region too, so online is okay. Thank you for the tips though -- I hadn't even thought of my own school's nurses