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Looking for 2nd degree BSN Program


I'm looking for a program for my girlfriend that will fit some specific time constraints. I myself will be going for my PhD when my girlfriend will be one year into her nursing program. She will have a bachelor already (in nutritional science). The issue is I don't expect to get a PhD in Maryland, where we currently live, and we don't want to live apart for a year.

So I am looking for a program which can accommodate a change of location after one year of classes. I haven't been able to find anything, and my understanding is that pre licensure programs will always require clinical experience, but are there hybrid programs that will accommodate online classes for the first year and clinical experiences on site in the second?

If anyone knows of any other solutions it would be greatly appreciated! We would prefer if one of us doesn't have to wait a year for the other to finish before moving on to our degrees.


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Schools have nursing programs. Each school creates their own program content in each course. For example, some have separate pharm classes and others include it in all classes. Which means that nursing classes generally don't transfer between schools.

Most nursing classes have clinical component which means that you have to complete both the lecture portion and the clinical portion at the same time to pass the class. You can not take all of your lecture portions and then take all your clinicals.


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Why not just go for an MSN? It looks better on paper and would shorter.