Looking to move from Fort-Lauderdale/Miami to Tampa or Orlando

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Hi everyone!

I am living in Fort-lauderdale. I am an LPN working in Boca Raton (30mins drive from home) for 3 years now (pay 20.16 +$2 for evening/weekend shift that I work), also graduating next month with my BSN. The University that I attend is in Miami as well as my clinical Hospitals (30 minutes drive from home as well). I have been thinking about moving to some cities in northern Florida such as Tampa or Orlando where housing for example is cheaper (here 1bed/1bath Apt is $1500 or more per month if you want a good place to live). I have some families in Tampa/Brandon and Orlando. I see that housing is so much cheaper than down in South Florida.

Before I make my decision, I would like to know how is the job market, the opportunities and housing (some discussion that I found dates back from 2009) or if it is even worth it. I have no problem with small towns or slow/quiet life.

I greatly appreciate any help.

Thank you!

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Here is a thread on allnurses that may have a little more information for you: https://allnurses.com/florida-nursing/orlando-or-tampa-1048355.html

Also an article about nursing positions in Fla: Florida facing a 'nursing shortage tsunami' due to increased population, more insured patients

I wish you success as you plan for the future! And congrats getting your BSN!

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