Looking for LPN program without prerequisites

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Hello, I'm currently looking for Nursing schools that have no prerequisite requirements or courses that have built in prerequisite LPN PROGRAMS. Please help thanks

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Finding nursing schools with no prerequisite requirements or offering built-in prerequisite courses for Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) programs can be a bit challenging, but some options are available.

Here are some steps and schools that might fit your criteria:

Steps to Find Schools with No Prerequisite Requirements

Research community colleges and technical schools. Some community colleges and technical schools offer LPN programs with minimal prerequisites.

Look for accelerated or direct entry programs. Some schools offer accelerated or direct entry nursing programs that include all necessary prerequisites within the program itself.

Consider Online Programs

  • Some online nursing programs are designed to be more flexible with entry requirements and may include prerequisites in their curriculum.
  • Check for integrated pathway programs. Some schools offer integrated pathway programs where prerequisites are part of the LPN program.

Things to Consider

You will still be taking prerequisites, whether they are required for admission or included in the curriculum. Be aware that for-profit schools are often expensive and credits awarded may not transfer to other schools.

Look closely at community colleges. Taking general ED courses at community college makes good sense and saves you money. 

  • Accreditation. Ensure the school is accredited by a recognized accrediting body such as the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).
  • Ask about NCLEX pass rates and retention.
  • State approval. The program should be approved by the state board of nursing to ensure eligibility for licensure. Ensure approval before you start any program.
  • Program length and structure. Look at the length of the program and how the curriculum integrates prerequisites..

How to Proceed

  • Google lpn program without pre requisites. Review the results critically and vet programs.
  • Contact schools directly. Reach out to the admissions departments of these schools to confirm current prerequisites and program details.
  • Visit school websites. Review the program descriptions and admission requirements on the schools' official websites listed above.
  • Financial aid and scholarships. Inquire about financial aid options and scholarships that might be available to help with tuition costs.

By following these steps and considering these schools, you should be able to find an LPN program that meets your needs with minimal or no prerequisite requirements.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth