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looking for a legit scholarship for international student to study in Canada or USA

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Hi all,

I would love to study nursing but am in need of a full scholarship. Because I love working with people, and this is my passion, scholarships are hard to came by especially for international undergraduates. Does anyone know of an organization, hospital or clinics that are offering scholarships to international student to pursue nursing as a career. i am interested in studying in Toronto, Canada or CA, FL, USA. I have searched the website Global scholarship alliance, somehow the application form page does not scroll to the bottom to enable me to submit my application interests. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem as me. I you know of any scholarships around that might help, please contact me by posting a reply to this post.

Thank you all and I am really looking forward to starting a career in nursing. what a great community of people we make.


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Stay away as far you can....read the above link.

With regards to any true and legit international scholarships, let's just say many out there are not very reliable and offer nothing but broken promises and headaches.

There's very little financial assistance these days due to the over supply of US educated nurses who remain unemployed for over a year or more so those applying as an international applicant it's even that much more tougher to get an interview or be granted one.

Some places may go ahead with the interview process just to show they do entertain foreign applicants but that's about as far as they will go and not offer a job or could be a job whereby it's hard to find US nurses to take and perform under.

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