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Hi Everyone! 

Like many nurses right now I'm looking for a change in my career. I've always been interested in Legal Nurse Consulting, and decided it's time to seriously look into it either as full or part time gig. I've started doing some research, but was interested if anyone out there has experience doing this type of job. What was the process to get started? Cost? Has it been hard to find work? Do you enjoy it?

I would greatly appreciate thoughts, advice and direction! 

Thank you!! 

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Go to the American Assoc of Legal Nurse Consultants website at www.aalnc.org first. Look at their free webinar for answers to basic questions. Then do their webinar series on all aspects of the specialty, either a la carte or buy the whole package. It’s a third of the cost of other programs and twice as valuable. Look up the difference between the LNCC CERTIFICATION and the other credentials that do not meet the criteria for CERTIFICATION. Plan to take the LNCC. Network. Join the LNCExchange at groups.io and start meeting people. Newbies and aspiring legal nurse consultants are welcome there.
Remember that we are legal nurse consultants, not legal nurses- we couldn’t do the work of consulting for legal cases if we didn’t have our heads full of stuff we learned as nurses, but we do not nurse legals (OB nurses nurse peripartum women; psych nurses nurse psych patients; peds nurses nurse pedi patients). 
That oughta get you started, LOL. Come back and ask again. Have some fun!

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I started 7-8 years ago after being approached by an attorney who contacted the Specialty Nursing Association that I was a Board member, and later president of. I do it on the side and keep my full time job (now in the OR). Work the past 2 years has been VERY slow as many of the courts closed and cases were postponed repeatedly. I know many full time LNC's are really struggling right now to get steady business and some have even gone back to bedside nursing as a result. Best thing I would advise is to become a member of the AALNC and start learning about the role, expectations etc . Also, update your LinkedIn profile appropriately as I've received many leads from there. Stay current in your chosen specialty in nursing as that is what attorneys count on and expect from you. particularly if you are to serve as an expert witness. I am not certified as a LNC, but hold board certifications in 4 specialties of nursing that I have and currently practice in. A course would definitely give you a head start in becoming orientated to the Legal nursing specialty. I had to figure it out on my own and thankfully made some good choices and found some great attorney clients. Most of my work has been with repeat attorneys which is a great nod to me that I am doing something right. Remember, attorneys hire a LNC for their CLINICAL experience and knowledge. They have the law /legal aspect down but need you to interpret the nursing and medical side to them.

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